Well I have another Twilight related writing, now it´s lyrics :) just the lyrics ... you know what is funny about it? that it came to me in a dream, I just woke up in the morning and I had these lyrics in my head, really weid .. hope you like it ... tell me your opinion :) I think I dont´t need to write from whos point of view it is .. you would know after reading :) so ENJOY :)

Pick me

We are friends for so long,
I thought I could never feel this way
like I feel now,
but time went forward,
we´re not the same anymore,
how can I deny,
what is so obvious
that my heart screams for your touch when I see you
I know you love me
but your feelings for him are stronger.

I wish you´d pick me instead of him
I wish I could hold you in my arms
like you allow him to.
I´m sorry I can´t be the right monster for you
Your smile, your laughter
light up my whole life
I wanna yell out to the world,
please, pick me.

I can´t hide what I feel
my need for you is endlessly
you´re the beat of my heart
don´t through it away.
I feel so odd,
you belong to him, no doubt
but I just dream about being with you
loving you, holding you forever and even more.
Just don´t let me here alone,
but I just have to bear it on my own.

Chorus: 2x

I want you to know
I won´t give in,
´til your heart is beating
I will fight for the one who I love
forever and always

Chorus: 2x

I wanna yell out to the world
please, pick me.

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