Please Read My 5th Twilight Book. Here Is My First Chapter!!!!!!! Red Destiny

Chapter 1 Discussion

I am, it is. It was like what we live for the few months that had followed the incident with the Volturi. From that night, where he had been able to read my thoughts, when he finally knew how I loved him, nothing was the same.
We were simply inseparable.
Renesmée, our prodigal daughter, Edward and I lived in our small - and fabulous - cottage. Every minute spent with them was important. Even if I knew that I had any time in the world, it was unbearable to get away from my family.
I was really happy that I could ever hope to be.

- I won! Emmett cried.
It was the first time he beat me in arm wrestling since I was a vampire, but if I had not been distracted, I'm not so sure that this been happen...
I really should let my thoughts on the game because now I knew
that he would not let go.

- I knew, I knew it! kept shouting Emmett.
I got up immediately, ashamed of all the attention put on me.
Edward looked at me, a smile to grow these lips.
- I was distracted, I defend myself.
A big smile blossoms on it, that tends Renesmée in the arms of his father, extending these small to handcuff me.
- Do not worry my love, wispered him. Lets go back, before Emmett become crazy.

The latter shouted its firm and hard voice - Hey!
Just time for a break before resuming his show.
- It's the best night of my life!
Rosalie shot the eye tends that Jacob is allowed to make a comment.
- We should go too Seth, your sister is mad with rage and, if I do not want to become deaf ...
The pack of Jacob was still on foot, sometimes to disperse. They were free, while being together. Seth was a guest when he visited my family vampire, because he continued high school, for its future. Leah, well ... still hated me. As for Jacob, he visited the push from time to time, but spent most of his time with Renesmée.
Following the review of Jake, Emmett stood up immediately, when everyone kept a small sneer.
- Very funny puppies, very funny.
- Hi hi! issued Renesmée, now in my arms.
Renesmée, my adored little girl. It grew less and less quickly, but the process was not normal, however. Three months had passed, and she looked like a girl of 4 years. Neither Edward nor I had never daring approach to the subject on the future of our daughter. It was unbearable to think of the idea that one day she would like me. It has its own Edward. Of course, we knew who had sent the future. A werewolf. Not that I have anything against the fact that my best friend either impregnated my daughter, but I just could not imagine. Not now anyway.
Carlisle thought the cycle slows down more and more, and that one point he was completely shut down, and so Renesmée remain frozen in an age that we did not know all yet. And I felt that age was approaching faster than we thought.
Undoubtedly, I had to talk to Edward.
On the way back to our house, I wondered how I would do that to address this topic with him. Usually, it was easy to talk to Edward, but this ... I had no idea.
- Are you okay? he asked gently as he had just finished my lullaby to sleep Renesmée.
- Yes, I immediately lied.
Once in our room, he kissed me again, like every night. Only when he saw that my head that it stopped for me toises.
- What is wrong Bella? he questions me with his voice of angel. You seem distracted.
I do not think a few seconds, then threw me in the pit by lions.
- Edward ... I ... I am beginning to question ... (I took a deep breath) the future of Renesmée.
His concern soon disappeared, leaving room for hesitation.
- I doubt that you would like to have this conversation one day or another, "he said looking down.
- I am just wondering ... (This is where the lions took the top) It will soon look like a 7 year old daughter Edward! I get angry. And then what, three years she will looks like 18 years old with and go away with her wolf? (I toisie now.) I like her too much to let go now Edward. It's impossible to me, impossible!
I wanted to cry, just thinking about my children,goes, and with her stupide were-wolf, but as a vampire, as I am now also private.
I read on Edward face he did not know what answer me. He too was experiencing sadness.
- Bella ... I really do not know what to say to comfort you, but I always just tell you what I think. (He hesitate) Listen, Renesmée growth slowed as time passes. In my opinion, it will not even these eighteen years. Remember that boy that Alice had brought as a witness against the Volturi. It was just a kid. A child.
I wake up the head to look at him, he may be right, our daughter would be remain frozen in her childness. It was not necessarily destined to become an adult. This idea help me a little. It still adored my little girl, cute, the most beautiful girl in the world. But how to be sure? How do I know the theory that Edward was also valid for Renesmée?
My husband looked as I speak, I contemplate those beautiful eyes.
I had a sudden deep desire, which he understood immediately.
He leaned toward me, sticking his cheek as the soft silk against my own, and with his king voice he wispered:
- Do not worry, my love.
It was too much, we were already late, and I could not do more. I guess
that this was the same for him saw how he acted swiftly, but gently, my jaw with his hand angel, and kissed me with furibonda.
Stick me to him, I let my self go with my only love for the rest of the night.

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amazing!! write more please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are there other parts?? <3 It's really good!!
plz writea chapter 2 and send it to my page
The plot is really good, like amazing... :D but the structure is all messed up, like you write it in french or italian and just used an internet translator and post it.... I think that you should structure number two better so it flows and make more sense... BTW I am not trying to be rude or anything like it, its just a simple observation...
When I fisrt started vlogging I tried to put all of my ideas in the text not realizing if it was well structured or if it made sense... Or if it was described on a different way than what it was intended... So I think it would help you out to check every detail out so it looks better but overall a great job keep them comming... :D

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