Okay so after watching the video where Chelsea hates on Kristen, it made me really upset.


Being a really big Kristen Stewart and Twilight fan, I know how much hate both of them get. I'm sure the Twi franchise can ignore the hate and move on as its so big, but Kristen is one single person that gets hate on not only by people that hate Twilight, (they hate her because they hate Twilight) but by some Twilight fans.


I know we are all free to dislike and to not agree with a lot of things, some people not only dislike Kristen, they HATE her.


Some fans in Italy threaten her and some fans at the Remember Me premier threaten to throw something at her if she showed up. She did go and thank goodness nothing happened to her, but oh my god, thats scary.


People always complain that she looks sad, well this might have to do something with it. You work really hard on soemthing for other people and these same people throw rocks at you and judge you on stupid things like the way she dresses, talks, and even the way she brushes her hair.


I don't know why it affects me so much, maybe because I was "that" shy girl in school and I can tell how Kristen feels or might feel. I felt that way and its not right. I never harmed anybody and I'm pretty damn sure Kristen hasn't either.


I'm really starting to fear for Kristen as this hate is so evil and mean, Twifans we have to do something.


I would like to ask each and every single one of you to come up with an idea to stop this hate. Well, we won't be able to stop it completly, but at least let them hear our voice. This sick and twisted hate must stop and we should start here. I don't know if the "Down with KStew" group is still around, but that just made me sick to my stomach Twifans! How can you possibly let a group like that exisit?


Please TWIFANS lets do something! Lets Unite and stop this hate. No matter what you think of Kristen's acting, persona or personal life, nobody...NOBODY deserves this sick hate! She is just another girl that deserves respect like any one of us.


Thank you,




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I completely agree with you, but I do not have any idea how to stop it. People will continuously put Kristen down to get on other people's nerves. Also, these days it's 'cool' to hate what everyone else is hating, like Twilight and Kristen Stewart. I think people need to stand up for themselves and not succumb to peer pressure and what the media is telling them. And I cannot believe that a group like that even exists on here?! Guys this site is for obsessing about Twilight, the cast and characters etc. NOT projecting hate towards them! If you hate Kristen so much, why don't you leave Twifans.com and go to some KStew hater webstie! There should be some sort of petition we send Alison to get hate groups like that shut down on THIS website.
Bree xx
I agree. I saw the group a few weeks ago, I haven't seen it again so I don't know if its still around. It had a few followers. I hope not because thats disgusting. We need to come up with something.

Thanks for your reply.
OMG!!!THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!!i have been feeling the same way about the whole "i hate kristen stewart"thing.its really sad and i want it to stop.i get REALLY UPSET when people judge her or say bad things about her.i really dont think anyone will listen to us....but we can atleast try.
We have to try! I don't know. Find a way to let the media or Chelsea know that we hate what they are doing and that its wrong. Also, let Kristen's people know or let her know that we love her and support her.
That is so crazy.......People forget that actors are real people with real feelings and KS is only 20 years old
I couldn't agree with you more! I hate that so many ppl judge her.. especially inconsequential ppl like Chelsea Handler & the morons that appear on her show. Sometimes I wish I could just reach out to Kristen and tell her that she is amazing to me & that I support her in everyway possible. I have been a fan of Kristen way before Twilight and I think she is a great actress. Whatever I can do to show my support for her and Twilight I will do it. I came to this website for exactly this reason.. to unit w/ppl who share the same love for this story, these characters.. and now for the Actors who brought these amazing characters to life... but it seems like there is a lot of haters here.. too.. Unfortunately, we can never stop ppl from having their opinions or hating, but we can step up and speak out against all the negative opinions. Truthfully, haters.. do what they do bcuz they are tremendously insecure and jealous that others accomplish what they never will.. In this case Kristen is beautiful, insanely talented, and hugely famous.. Chelsea Handler... 0 for 3..need I say more?
I totally just blogged about the same thing yesterday but it was about Robert Pattinson. I t was all because someone wrote this huge article about how much they couldn't stand him. I was really, what person that takes any pride in his/her self would take the time out of their day to write about how much they hate Robert Pattinson. That's horrible and mean. From what I've seen, he seems to be a really great guy. And Kristen people what is wrong with her? I mean really? I don't see them getting online or going on TV talking about how much they hate people that write mean articles about them. I just want to say I love them both and I hope they continue to be such wonderful, successful people. No matter how many "haters" they have.
I know right? I'm fed up with all the Kristen Stewart hate going around.
Same here Jake & the pack i hate the kristen Stewart hate

Jacob Black & The Pack said:
I agree! KStew may have had her bad moments, but nobodys perfect! Jeez, and just because she may or may not be in a relationship with Rob Pattinson, is no reason to call her all the bad names under the sun. And as for telling her she cant go to the Remember Me premiere, is just ridiculous, she was going to support a friend! Taylor went to the Runaways premiere didnt he? Kristen, may smoke and swear, and have a different style, but at the end of the day, shes only human (excuse the use of words haha) and nobody deserves to be treat like that. I doubt people would do that to Ashley Greene, since she's so close with Kellan or Nikki Reed, or Julia Jones or Tinsel Korey.
Personally i think Kristen is a very talented actress, and anybody that agrees with the haters should be ashamed. I mean, if people hate her just because she has a close relationship with Rob or Taylor, they need to get a life, seriously, its not like Rob or Taylor, is gunna sit around waiting for some hormonal 12 year old girl to grow up are they? And besides if Rob and Taylor are happy with the relationship they have with her, stop hating!
And if they hate because shes different, then get a grip! More people would complain, if she was one of those camera hogging limelight loving attention seekers, she just wants a personal life! I understand, flipping off papaz isnt exactly the way to go sometimes, but maybe she'd had enough, she is a very private person anyways, and it was invasion of privacy!
And her style, if shes comfy, let her get on with it! nobodys perfect, and she has a good enough figure to look good in anything anyways, she looks quite hot with her ragged hair, and t-shirts tied in one corner, i mean, she works in uncomfortable environments for hours and hours, in scratchy wigs, and bad weather, she needs comfort somewhere, right?
But anyways, i love Kristen, shes awesome, and so hot! Rant over :]

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