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This story is about a girl who her life is based off bad balance. The girl with the caramel colored skin, the light brown eyes, brown hair and that’s 5”4 and of course with bad coordination .Yep, that’s me, Samantha Anne Williams AKA Saw or just s,but I would call myself something else. I’m going to start the story here, where I thought I was somewhat normal, with a little background story then I’m going to fast-forward to you back to now time…..I am a senior at Rear Bay College. I’m on the debate team, tennis team (even though I can’t play as well as everyone else) and I’m in the senior program called TAW (TRAVEL AROUND THE WORLD, sort of like a study abroad program). Other than school, my life isn’t so good. I gets good grades and I have good friends even though they’re weird they are my best friends (Stephanie and Jamie). I love my parent and they love me but they are never around to see me because they are some of a company, so they travel a lot (I wishes I can go to their trips). I love my only living grandmother too, she selfish yes but I love her. I lose my balance all of the time, I drops stuff, I waste stuff on me. I am always getting embarrassed. AND I always do it around cute boys!!!!! I think there is no point to my life, no excitement, no danger, no anything. I never can keep a boyfriend (even though I’ve only had 3 and all in senior year in high school) for more than 2 months because something goes wrong. I either dump him for making out with another girl or he dumps me because someone tries to kiss me even though I didn’t want to be kissed (the boys just doesn’t understand) it’s verbatim every time. Well something went wrong with all of my relationships some way or another. I had one boyfriend that lasted 2 ½ years.
I thought we were in love (even thought we were seniors in high school when we met). His name was Ben Mitchell Stewart. We always joke around with his name; every time he gets moody I call him BMS cause he acts like he has PMS( corny I know). We laugh in the end every time. We first met when I, of course, tripped on him. We instantly became friends. He was cute, golden skin, brown curly hair, light brown eyes but just friends. We met at a camp. We were camp counselors. We were not expecting to be assigned to the same group. When we came home from a trip with some kids, I found out that he lived a couple blocks away from me. When we got back we introduced each other to our own family. My dad knew his father from work. Jamie and Stephanie made fun of me because I got gushy every time I mentioned or thought of him. He was my best guy friend, that’s all; we did a lot together and he was there when I need him and when I didn’t. As we got to know each other better I started liking him, but I never really pursued it, just a couple serious flirts here and there. I always thought I didn’t deserve him as a friend.
Any way life went on and a couple years later, my best friends Jamie, Stephanie, Ben and I, all got a place together, went to school in the same area. This was the good life besides working and falling. I was so happy we were all friends and they accepted Ben in our happy little friendship circle.
“Anne?” he called out from the next room, Ben was the only person who could call me that other than my brothers.
We were in our new apartment painting the walls; we decided it needed some life, while Stephanie and Jamie were out with their own boyfriends on a double date. I was dressed in some old painting clothes and Ben was doing who knows what.
“Yea,” I called back.
“Well umm, I was thinking…” he started.
“Spit it out Benny” I said knowing that he hated when I called him that, I only did it too get a laugh out.
“OK, well…” he said as I heard him coming around the corner. “ I was wondering if I could do something but I don’t know if I should do it cause she might be mad at me after” he stated nervously.
“OK is it gonna help you...”I said struggling with the top of the paint can “...or somebody...dammit could you open this” I said. As I turned around something was pressed on my lips, hard.
At first I didn’t know how to react, I was shocked. Awed. I didn’t know what to do. But when Ben pulled back I was angry because I thought, why did he stop?
As he pulled his head back, he looked at me, trying to measure my reaction. He had misread it. As he started to turn to leave I called out,
“Wait!” I followed after him...”Don’t... Don’t...” As I pulled his shirt back towards me I grabbed his face so I could kiss him this time.

We did everything together since then (our parents approved of the two of us going out together), we went to the movies, went shopping, did home work together too. He loved me and I knew it and I loved him and he knew it. He loved me even thought I tripped and fell and made mistakes but he already knew that, he knew everything about me that there is to know except the secret that no one knows about me. A secret that could change his life forever, a secret so dangerous it could get him killed if he knew.
We were going to have a life together, if it wasn’t because of my grandmother’s genes. He was going to ask me to marry him, which I would have to say no to because I would have had to. Only if he had know the truth, he would have never even kissed me, he would have never even touched me. If he had known that I was going to become a killer at 25, only if he knew, he would have turned away much much sooner.
Yes my grandmother knew about this curse. She’s the one I inherited from. My grandmother had to do a crazy stupid crazy selfish thing and fall in love with an angel. Well some people would call him the fallen, the evil of all evil, but he is and always will be Satin to me. O yes my crazy grandmother fell in love with the devil. When she first met him, he really was an angel. He was beautiful she said. But they day they were suppose to get married, he exposed himself to her. But it was already too late, she was going to carry and have his child. She tried to leave him but it was hard when someone can change their appearance.
So after 2 years of running and hiding, my grandmother made a deal with him. The deal was that if he would make her daughter normal, than her grandchild would inherit all things that her child would have inherited at the age of 25. So he accepted the deal, with condition of course. My grandmother had to become his bride and live forever, with him and her granddaughter had to complete a year of training before she would become whatever her daughter would have become. She made the deal but told him he would have to wait 70 years to get her.
I would have hated her for that if I didn’t lover her so much.

As my mother grew into a teenager and adult hood, grandmother tried her best to convince my mother not to have children. So as she was a teenager, Grandmother tried her best to keep my mother away from boys that may convince her sleep with them. As my mother grew into adulthood, she decided enough was enough. So she left. She spoke to grandmother of course; but grandmother realized since she could not keep her child away from it, she insistence that she should adopt instead of conceiving a child. Therefore she can slide around the deal with her future groom. My mother always considered adopting but also to have her own. She never told grandmother though; she didn’t want to damage the already damaged relationship.

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plz wright more it really really really really really GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ EMAIL ME THE 2ND PART soon as i can..its hard being a jr. ugh

janay said:
plz wright more it really really really really really GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ EMAIL ME THE 2ND PART

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