Ok, so....i now that when you gett bitten by a vampire you stay the way you are forever...but ive been thinking...what if a pregnant women got bitten?? Wuld she stay that way forever or....???.. Tell me what do you think!

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I don't know mabey the baby will be like Renesmee
Well when you become a vampire everything would stop and no change would occur so the baby would just stay there or die..
go to steph's webpage. she explains it there
♥ twilight said:
Honestly....i have another question along the same line....if a vampire can't cry...how can they father a child??

I'm Really glad someone FINALLY brought this up.


1) Edward is dead. If you want to talk logistics based on technicalities, you should start by asking how a venom makes a dead guy who still thinks and moves of his own accord when venom generally just kills people.

2) It's important to note that Meyer pretty much doesn't listen to any of the rules when she writes her books: Her vampires don't burn in the sun, Garlic and religious paraphanelia don't repel them. Her werewolves change whenever they feel like it (though it's mentioned that they're not actually werewolves but shapeshifters) her vampires don't have any apparent fangs, or at least they're not specifically mentioned, just shiny white teeth. Her vampire's sparkle(Which I thought was EXTREMELY cheesy.Even though I still love Twilight.)Her vampire wants to date his food, in stalkerish sort of way. And half of them have crazy supernatural powers above and beyond their crazy supernatural existences. It's generally not possible to apply logic to the Twilight world. So why would the conceiving of children be any different?

The simplest possible answer is magic.
The most "logical" (and I'm using the term extremely loosely here) goes back to the venom. I believe at some point, Meyer stated that all their bodily fluids were replaced with venom. Someone could make an argument that the venom, not his little soldiers, entered her and transformed an egg into a crazy half-undead embryo. The logic fails there when you consider how many times Edward and Bella have kissed. If all bodily fluids were replaced, this would include his saliva, and as clumsy as Bella is, I highly doubt she managed to make it all that time without biting her cheek or getting a cut on her lip. She would have been infected with the venom at some point.
So basically, we're back to "logic doesn't work in Twilight world"

Here's the answer from SM herself:


If she were already pregnant when she was bitten, both she and the fetus would be frozen in that state.  Which would really suck–pregnant for eternity?  I’m shuddering at the thought.


I got this from PERSONAL CORRESPONDANCE #1 on the Twilight Lexicon. It's about 3/4 the way down under the Q:  Do the vampires have blood in their veins even though their heart no longer pumps?  What would happen if they were cut or injured in some way?


If you haven't been yet go there & read the others they have PC's they have with SM. They're GREAT & you'll learn some new fun extra info.

i think the baby will die through the transformation...

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