Rachelle Lefevre not Victoria Anymore What Do U Think

What do you guys think about Rachelle Lefevre not being apart of the Twilight Saga anymore.Really sad I cant think of another actress plaing her part.I mean she is still in New Moon, but not in Eclipse.I have seen the actress who has taken her place she looks kinda a look alike but older not as young as Rachelle.Well if i find a pic and a name then i will post it okay.And well what I think is that its sad I mean she isnt doing it cuz well she has a movie that overlapps with Eclipse so she was booted and i really wanted to see Edward rip Rachelles head off in Eclipse but oh well my dream of seeing that is broken.Darn.So tell me what you think this is a bad thing good thing yay or nay.

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It's completely depressing. She was absolutely cheated out of her role. Everything was fine, and then Summit decides it isn't anymore.
Rachelle IS Victoria and the fact that she won't be able to portray her character in Eclipse is just wrong. Summit needs to get their stuff together.

I have been encouraging people to send protest letters to:

Summit Entertainment
630 Stewart St
Suite 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

or email Summit at these addresses:


And sign petetions here:


& here:


and send letters of support & fanmail to Rachelle at:

Rachelle Lefevre
Pearl Hanan Management
7775 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 118
Los Angeles, CA 90046

She needs all the support she can get, Summit is behaving like a 12 year old bully towards her.
Not a huge fan of Summit today!

<3 Twilight Lurve

I think the actress they have replacing her is a good actress, but Rachelle played a great Victoria and I dont think they should've replaced her!
it's crappy, Rachelle Lefevre is the epitome of Victoria, i can't picture a better Victoria than her.
I think its B.S Summit should get slapped! How could they just replace Victoria? Do they even care about us? It really sucks that Rachelle wont be in the movie anymore! I guess that Stephenie will have to rewrite Eclipse saying 'by the way Victoria got plastic surgery'! Hope Bryce does a good job!

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