I don't know about you guys, but i love this kid. For one, he seems so excited about the role, and his excitement makes YOU excited. Also, he's adorable! And he really seems to get Jacob. And he looks semi-respectable in a wig. (Well.... could YOU pull it off?)

so list the reasons you love taylor, maybe the reasons you hate Michael Copon (cough cough *do it*) or list the reasons i shouldn't start discussions


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Why do I love Taylor? cuz he's the only wolf that can make me howl.... lol i almost switched to team jacob when i saw the movie. idk who this michael dude is but u cant change people in the middle of the movies! its stupid. Taylor all the way!
You're definitely right-it's his excitement for the role that gets everyone else excited to see him in it. And really, if they pick Michael Copon I will hate him. There is no reason for a change. Taylor is great as Jacob...point blank. I don't think anyone else could play the role as good as he does. :)
First off, Taylor is awesome. That's enough to make me love him. But also because he did so well as Jacob, and he has so much enthusiasm for the movie, it's so not right to let some other guy replace him.
His enthusiasm is really infectious. Man, when that kid gets excited, YOU get excited. That's most what I love about him. He's just so...enthused about EVERYTHING. :) You can really see his face glow.
I love him because he's amazing! He's so cute and I think he's the best for the part. Stupid Michael Copon =[
:( Taylor hasn't been told no yet... So that's a good sign.
I loooooove his pearly white teeth! Never have I seen anyone with such bright teeth! I swear he must use crest white strips like every day! LMAO.
i hate edward but love tayolr omg
1. He is handsome :)
2. He is very cute
3. He is adorable with his fans
4. He has a great body!
5. He is a good actor
And I'll never finish!!
I just love him!!!
taylor lautner to me is a great influence on others, hes so positve, and funny I just love him. He did great at playing Jacob and new moon is where you can really see him shine cant wait. also he is a hottie!!
Ok... If I listed ALL the reasons why I am absolutely obsessed with Taylor then this comment would be 20 pages long.

Michael Copon could never play the role of Jacob because... it just isn't right, you know? Taylor is amazing as Jacob and I don't think anyone would want Jacob to be played any other way.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, one word: HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG OMG OMG OMG YOU ARE SOOO LUCKY!!!! You actually got a picture with him!!!!! I really want to be you right now!!! I am overreacting!!!! I would kill to get a picture with him!

ashely wilson said:
i love taylor lautner/jacob black because.....
1. he doesn't sparkle...
2. he didn't leave her even after edward came back
3. he fought for her no matter how much she told him no
4.he's almost exactly like jacob (thats what he says)
5. he's hott!
6. he loves to have fun
7. he learned how to dirt bike ride for the movie (also one of my fav things to do)
8. we have a lot in common
9. he seems like he loves to have fun
10. his little sister is so cute/ she also has the cutest name beside renesmee
11.he's a wolf and that was my fav animal i read twilight saga
12. he's dedicated to his role as jacob
13. we couldnt have asked for a better jacob
14. when i went to the premiere i got a pic with him and he smelled amazing...lol
15. packing on 30 lbs is really hard but he did 4 us
16 last but certainly not least taylor lautner looks like the best friend any girl could ask for.....and my mom always says a great relationship has to have a firm but strong friendship foundation......




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