who's watched the movie remember me? i haven't seen it yet. what did you guys think about it?

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Hi Rose
I saw it with my neice on friday night. I thought Rob did an excellent job in it- please ignore critics.
I think if it was anyone else playing the part of Tyler the movie would have gotten better review.
But thats just me.
I dont want to give away the ending-but it seems the critics have a prob with that too. Shocking- yes- tastefully done - yes
It was awesome. Everyone did a great job. shocking ending, but so well done. SEE IT!!! and yes, ignore the critics...
It wz so sad I thought everyone in da theater wz crying. OH YEAH everyone WZ crying
i saw it the nite it come out it was awesome i cry at the end
The movie honestly was the best i've seen - better than twilight and new moon, but that's just my opinion. I knew the ending before i saw it (i won't give it away, incase you don't already know) and it didn't spoil it at all. Amazing film.
I think Remember me was great. Although it was kind of sad.
i loved remember me. the end was so freaking sad. but it was just so good. im definitely going to get it the day it comes out.
It was really good!!! Althought it was sad. but i could watch it over and over again!!!! It was so Amazing!!!!

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