As we all know both Remember me and Runaways will be released in march 2010. so i am just wondering if you could watch only 1 of these movies which would you prefer?and why?

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I really want to see The Runways. I don't know why, but I love Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart in the movie).
yeah, i`d choose the Runaways as well.i just can`t wait for this movie about real cool girls, sex drugs and rock-n-roll :))
The Runways because i love Kristen and i want to see her in this movie!
I do want to see the Runaways, but if I could only choose one, it would be remember me...just seeing the trailer before new moon and I thought they had turned up the heat in the theater!!!
I'm pretty sure I'm going to watch Remember me if it comes to theaters here. Runaways can wait.. I'll watch it from dvd someday ;)
sooo 2 people (excluding me) chose The Runaways, 2-for Remember Me and 1 for Both ( though it`s not allowed, you have to choose only 1:)) i wonder which movie will get more votes?)
definitely RM
i love Kristen and i want to see the runways but i read the script of Remember me and it's just ah-mazing!!! i can't wait fot this movie! plus Rob is a hottie in it- as always of course but.. you know! :P definitely Remember me! :D
of course RM i cant wait
The Runaways is gonna be a really good movie not just because Kristen is in it (and Dakota) but MAINLY because it's a movie about Joan Jett and the band and they were AWESOME in the 70s! OK! I have to fess up that I am old enough to be around during that "time" and JJ and the Runaways were a cool band. JJ is a cool lady and I am just crossing my fingers that Kristen did a good job with that part. It seems as though she was very into making it the very best she could. I hope that it's all good and doesn't have bad reviews because I think it would crush her(Kristen).
I'll catch the mushy Remember Me later!
Rock on Kristen and Joan!!!
to tell you the truth i haven`t heard anything of Joan Jett before i knew what this movie was about. i wasn`t much in american music of the 70s but it`s one more reason i want so see the Runaways- to get to know better about JJ, her band and her music.

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