Ok, I know I am little.. behind on this.. but I just watched Remember Me on Sunday.. & can I just say I LOVED IT! It has given me a new respect & intensified my fandom for Rob Pattinson. I thought it couldn't get any better when I found out how incredible of a musician/singer he is, but it has. I mean I just can't believe all that talent went dormant for so long. He really tapped into another side of himself in his role as Tyler Hawkins! Why are you NOT RIVETED!


If you haven't seen it.. WATCH IT!

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I love that this discussion & movie opened up an opportunity to reflect back on that tragic day. As long as we keep the memory of that day going, the souls that were lost will never be forgotten. Y'all have a blessed day.

Scarlet Isabella said:
yeah I have a reminder of it every day, my husband is from New York, he has a tattoo on his forearm of the twin towers with one of the planes entering one of the towers and "never forget 9-11",

beautifuly tradgic

Lauriesiana said:
Very well said, gal. I also respect and admire Rob so much for taking on the role of Tyler and telling such a poignant story. Each time I watch RM, I usually end up closing my eyes at the end and reflect on the tragic events of that day... and remember all the people who were effected.

Scarlet Isabella said:
I completly fell in love with him all over again! I balled like a baby and respect him for choosing this roll and beliving in it enough to want to save it and keep the story intack, I would love to thank him for showing the world, that this was one persons story, one person who had their life stole away from them that day, it make you want to lean more stories of the other people who where there that day. It still p***** me off to see the New York skyline and not see the tall twins standing proud. May they all rest in peace, and bless their families! It would be awesome if everyone could take a minute to remember all our fallen heroes and civilians as well! Thank y'all !
i very much agree with you i love Robert Pattinson in REMEMBER ME i cryed i laughed and i loved it alot

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