Renesme story part 4. Please comment so i can hear your feedback : )

When I opened the door Jake turned to look at me. ‘Nes......WOOOW!’ ‘So you like it then?’ Omg what was with everyone just staring at me and not answering my questions, he looks like he is in some sort of mesmerized trance. Waving at his face now to grab his attention while singing his name ‘Jaaakke.’ Looking up at me with his eyes practically bulging out of their sockets. ‘Nessie... you look amazing. I’ve never seen you dressed in anything like this before.’ He still hadn’t stopped staring, but at least my new look had stopped him from noticing the mark across my chest and if it would keep distracting him for at least another hour then he would never know the mark was ever their. I peered around his big muscular body to look at the driveway, no car. Great the one time I want him to come in that beat up old rabbit he doesn’t. Alice walked swiftly over to the door where we were still stood and did the same as what I had just done. ‘Nessie your certainly not running through the forest dressed like that. No. You can take my yellow Porsche. But please be careful when your driving it mutt.’ Jake didn’t even respond to Alice calling him a mutt, he was still staring at me. ‘JAKE! Stop staring! It’s getting annoying now.’ As we walked through to the garage, my mother and father followed us through. ‘Hey Jake.’ ‘Hey Bells.’ There was calm atmosphere until my father spoke. ‘Have her home safely won’t you.’ ‘Well what else do you expect Cullen.’ Dad seemed a little tense, I mean I always knew he didn’t like the idea of me and Jacob but he was even more tense than usual. It had to be one of two things. 1. He was still worried about what had happened the night before or 2. Jacob was thinking something he didn’t want to hear, or maybe even both. He just about managed to get the words through his teeth. ‘Could you at least try and keep your thoughts under control while your here Jacob?’ Great. What was Jake thinking about now? Before I got into the car to join Jacob who was already in their I turned and gave both my parents a hug and kiss on the cheek and I could still tell that my father was tensed up, but at least my mother had a big smile spread across her face. ‘Have a good night sweetie.’ ‘I will thanks Mom.’
On the way over to La Push I saw Jake keep sneaking glances across to me every now and again. ‘I swear Jacob if you keep staring at me I will rip your head off so you can’t stare any more.’ I said it with a little humour in my voice so it didn’t seem to harsh, but right now ripping his head off seemed like a good idea. ‘Sorry Nessie, it’s just... I’ve never seen you like this before and it’s something new to me, seeing you like this, looking so beautiful and perfect.’ Backing himself up. ‘Not that you don’t look beautiful all the time, I mean you...’ ‘Jake it’s ok I know what you mean. I look different to what I look like normally.’
When we got to La Push everything looked beautiful there was a big arch with flowers all around and the chairs that were set out had white cloth draped over them with ivy flowers draped along the backs. Then there was a cloth that led all the way up to the arch. ‘Wow it looks amazing.’ ‘Well that would be the work of Emily, Sue and Leah. It’s nothing like Alice could do but Emily likes it.’ Yeh he was right Alice would do so much more, too much. What they had done was just perfect.’ I looked over at Jake who was staring again. ‘JAKE!’ ‘Sorry! Erm.. Emily said that when you got here to go to her house where she, Sue and Leah are getting ready.’ ‘Ok then cya later.’ I gave Jake a quick kiss before heading off to Emily’s.
I got to the hut and walked straight in not wanting to bother any of them to answer the door. I was greeted by someone who looked like an angel. She was breathtaking. She wore a white halter neck simple straight down to the floor gown which had beading around the top, and her hair smoothly brought back into a bun at the back which had a flower clip clipped to the side. ‘Emily you look beautiful .’ ‘Thanks Nessie. Right back at you.’ ‘Renesme I see you made it on time for something.’ Leah. She was always poking fun at my lateness. ‘Hi Leah, Sue’ who was stood behind her. Again they both looked stunning in their dresses. Leah in a deep purple strapless that came down to her knees and Sue in a light blue mid length dress which wasn’t as low cut as Leah’s and had small sleeves. The ceremony was beautiful especially the vows, I didn’t know that it was possible for two people to love each other this much. After the ceremony we stayed on the beach and were there were a few tables set up to sit down at and a long table set up which had all the food on-not that I cared about that as I preferred to drink blood. The food must have been delicious as Jake certainly looked like he was enjoying it. After everyone had finished eating we all took our shoes off to enjoy the rest of the party, and dance. For the dance floor they had drawn a big heart in the sand to represent the love that Sam and Emily shared. Jake stood up and reached for my hand. ‘Wanna dance?’ I took his hand and we walked for the dance floor. It was a slow and beautiful song-Michelle Featherstone-We are man and Wife. He had his hands around my waist, and mine around his neck while I buried my head into his shoulder. Dancing here with Jacob in his arms I felt so safe, I wanted everyday to be like this, I didn’t want the night to end. ‘You having a good time?’ ‘Amazing, I don’t want the night to end.’ He chuckled into my hair ‘Me either.’ Maybe time would just stand still for us to just re-live this moment over and over, ha that was wishful thinking.
I was woken by the sound of Billy’s voice calling out to Jake for breakfast, something that didn’t really seem too appetizing to me. Jake rolled over practically squishing me, it was a good job that I could handle his weight otherwise I may just have stopped breathing. His eyes opened slightly while he looked at me and wrapped his arms around me tightly. ‘mmmmm I wish every morning could be like this, waking up next to you.’ We just lay their staring into each others eyes for a moment before Billy called for Jake again. I rolled my eyes, ‘Go on, go and get your breakfast before you starve.’ He kissed my nose then moved onto my mouth before he climbed out of bed. While he was eating his breakfast I got up and retrieved my clothes that had been flung across the floor last night in Jacobs urgency. I walked over to the small mirror that had been specially placed on the wall for me when I stayed over, although I didn’t really mind going without a mirror. My make-up was slightly smudged around the eyes-nothing a little water wouldn’t sort out, and my hair had come undone at the back but the curls were still intact. I looked for any trace of the mark that was spread across me the morning before and luckily nothing. Thank god Jake hadn’t noticed. I was fully dressed when Jake walked back in. ‘Whoa Nessie going home all ready?’ ‘Well you’ve had your breakfast today, I’ve not eaten in a few days and I haven’t really mastered going without food for a longer period of time yet, so yeh I kind of need to go.’ Jake’s face turned sad at the prospect of me leaving, I tried to re-assure him so he knew he wasn’t the reason I was leaving. ‘You know I’d stay if I could.’ ‘ I know, I know, it just breaks my heart a little every time I have to say goodbye to you.’ Oh what was he doing to me now I felt even worse for leaving, but he was right I’d never really thought about it before but now I come to think of it, every time I say goodbye to him I get this aching in my heart. And then I realised what I was saying, I didn’t want to have to leave Jake for long periods of time, I wanted him to be there every time I came home, I wanted to live with Jacob Black...

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beautiful :)
great writing :D
love it!
keep it up :)
This is great, cant wait for next part ! :D xx
LOVE IT Keep it up,But will Edward be MAD

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