Would you replace Bella?
Who thought of replacing Rachelle?
Would you replace Alice, Jacob?

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Nah i dnt racheal bilson is any kind of Bella, plus she looks to old

Angelina Stickland said:
No, it's not ): But it shouldve been!

Southern Pattinson said:
No way, the face of the O.C. is NOT the face of twilight...sorry!

Angelina Stickland said:
ABSOLUTELY!!! The only person I'd replace is Kristen. She is no Bella. Replace her with Rachel Bilson!!!!
THANK YOU! Kristen Sewart can't deliver one line without mumbling it, or saying "Um" in front of it. And in the New Moon trailer where she says it's her b'day, kiss me (to Edward), the only way she could have put less emotion into that was if she had been asleep. She drives me crazy! But now it's too late to replace her, everyone thinks of her as Bella. It's just sad to think what some other actress could have brought to the role that Kristen doesn't, how much better it could have been. It's not just Twilight either. I saw her in a movie called Into The Wild, and she was just about as impressive. Granted the girl is very young, but my 10 year old has more emotion and animation than she does!!

Delica Black said:
if i had a chance to i would remove kristen in a second. i hate her acting. shes always the same emotion she always stutters and shes soooooooo annoying.
as far as Rachelle goes im pissed they took her out, she was the perfect Victoria.
Absolutely I would do, her acting is pretty bad. No emotion! And in the books Bella is quirky and funny. Krsiten doesn't bring that to the screen at all.
I'll admit at first I wasn't so sure about all the actors chosen but after seeing the movie and putting their faces to the book, I'd NEVER change any of them. They've all brought the characters to life & did a great job at doing so. Though I'm not liking that Rachelle was replaced - she is sooo Victoria. I keep saying I'll giver her replacement a chance but after seeing those couple leaked pics, I'm still not feeling it. lol I'll have to wait for the movie I guess.
I'm sorry I haven't replied to your comments right away. I know I have said that I would not have replaced any characters because they are now part of the cast, but if I were the one choosing the people to play certain characters, I would not have given Kristen S. any part in the movie. I agree with Delica Black,and LuvMeSumEdward, and all others, in saying Kristen doesn't fit her part.
i dont think they should replace any of the cast.... especially NOT kristen or Robert... they make a perfect edward and bella... to me the whole cast is great.. and i did not liked one bit that they replaced rachelle either... she was the best VICTORIA... i do not like the new replacemet AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always find it weird when characters are replaced mid-series, and I always wondered about Nikki Reed's hair, it doesn't look right blonde. I like her as Rosalie, but her hair just always looks weird to me.

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