HI,twifans,help me to make stephenie continue midnight sun,please leave your comments on this page and there is a chance that they would reach stephenie-

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she should finish
i made the partial draft frim her website an app on my ipod it needs to b finished

Stephenie Meyer... You haft to finish Midnight sun or else i die!!

ok i kno that it could take years to actually come out, and maybe you don't want to finish writing it or maybe your still mad cause some rlly inconsidrate person leaked some of it or something like that you put on your website but it would be REALLY cool if you did because the sample i read jus makes me wanna read more so ya i think it would be amazing it you did . Just know us fans want you to!




I agree we don't wanna pressure you but please finish it! You should do the whole saga over bt from Edwards POV! Please please please! We love you! <3 and since im a true fan I have devoted myself to not going on your website and reading the leak of midnight sun.  I don't want to ruin it and when u do finish it, that's when I will read it! Lol love you!

alli herrera said:

i dont want to pressure her but i really want this book to come out completely and she can take as long as she wants i want thank her for writing twilight its the best book ever love it so much

thanks stephanie meyer u dont know how much i love ur books

please pretty please publish midnight sun we all love u thanks again stephanie


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