Alice was right, but it would have been nice if she had told us the extent of Dad’s anger. I’m not sure what he was madder at; me for letting Jacob drive, Jacob for tinkering with my car, or at himself for loosing.

Emmett was pissed that he lost too. He’d been losing a lot these last few days.

Mom and Alice got a kick out of it, so Dad’s anger at everyone died down pretty fast.

And I wish it hadn’t, because when it did, I realized I was standing outside of my new school. DHS, or Detroit High School, is the tiny little high school in our new town, Detroit Oregon. When Mom and Dad said that we were moving to Detroit, I was excited. Motor City, nice cars, big malls, lots of things to do. But no, we ended up in Detroit Oregon, and the middle of freakin nowhere. Figures.

Jacob wrapped his arm around my shoulders and laughed.

“Don’t look so scared kiddo,” he said with a smile, “it’s nice and small.”

“That’s what worries me.” I mumbled, following the family up to the steps and into the school. The building looked larger than it needed to be, for the amount of students that actually went here. We had arrived a few minutes before classes were supposed to start, but there were still quite a few people in the hallways. And by the way they were treating each other, it seemed like everyone knew each other. Every one of the students turned to watch as all eight of us walked down the hall towards the office. It must have been an interesting sight though, seeing six beautiful, pale students, along with Jacob and myself.

Jacob wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we walked down the hallway. He was laughing, must have been the terrified look he saw on my face, as we walked past a bunch of students. No matter how awkward it might look, me being a good ten inches shorter than his six foot five frame, it was comforting. More than that, I felt safer here. My mood picked up slightly, thinking of that, and I didn’t feel so nervous, even with everyone staring at me.

That was until Dad handed me my schedule.

Jacob was cursing his own under his breath.

Music was my first class in the morning. Ugh, great. Loud banging and off tune singing first thing in the morning. I thought angrily. Next was Geography,boring, English, too easy, then lunch. That was good at least. After lunch I had Chemistry, ohhh I get to blow stuff up! (Dad glared at me, knowing that I had fun with that subject) and then US History. Well, I guess it could be worse. I’d gotten out of Gym class at least.

Dad came over, Mom following smiling.

“Hey honey, Alice and I are going to be in your Music class with you.” Mom said happily, sliding in and wrapping her arm around my waist, pushing Jacob away. He smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“Don’t worry Jacob,” Dad said, “You failed your History class back in La Push, so you’ll be taking it again with Nessie.”

Jacob scowled, “You had to go and get my transcripts didn’t you?”

Dad smiled, “Nope! Jasper picked it up when he was traveling last week. You were never very good in school were you?”

Jacob growled, not quite loud enough for the receptionist to hear, I smiled.

“Common Mo… umm, I mean Bella.” I stumbled, grimacing as the receptionist looked up. Mom either didn’t seem to notice, or she didn’t mind. “Let’s go.”

The three of us headed down the hall, laughing and giggling like normal teenage girls. Jacob and the others followed, Jacob mumbling something about gym class. If this was what high school was like, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. We walked past a group of guys; I think they were jocks or something. Probably from the football team or something. Mom and Alice both tensed up a little, but kept up the smiled.

I could hear both Dad and Jacob growling though. The guys must have thought something that Dad didn’t like. But then why was Jacob getting all upset. I looked back at the jocks; one smiled brightly at me and winked. I waved back, but Jacob stepped up beside me and wrapped his arm around me again. He looked as mad as Dad did. He shot another dirty look of his shoulder as we walked around a corner, not that those guys seemed to care.

Dad leaned across Mom and whispered something to Jacob.

“Thanks,” Dad said quietly, “I thought I was about to rip that guy’s head off.”

Jacob nodded, keeping his arm wrapped protectively around my shoulder. I reached up and took his hand casually; to the average onlooker, we looked like a happy couple (which I don’t think I would have minded. I wonder if Jacob can hear my heart racing.). But I only did it so I could show him my thoughts.

He watched, then smiled at me and leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“Sorry, just being a little over protective. Your Dad had said he was having some pretty inappropriate thoughts about you and Bella.“

Oh” I said quietly, looking around. Most of the people went about their business, not giving us new kids more than a casual glance. But there were a few giggling girls and many guys staring at us. I ended up pulling Jacob a little closer to me as Mom continued to explain the layout of the school. I think I missed most of it.

Jacob gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before he and Dad turned and headed up a flight of stairs for their class. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper disappeared down the next hallway, which left only me, Mom, and Alice.

Mom smiled at me, and hugged my shoulder. “Don’t worry, Jacob’s just…” she paused, trying to find the right way to say it.

“Over protective.” Alice supplied, laughing as she continued to dance her way into our classroom.

“That,” mom agreed, following Alice in and taking a seat near the middle, “But he’s also, well, very attached to you. If anything were to happen to you he’d never forgive himself.”

I just nodded. Jacob had always been like that. I think it had to do with the imprinting. I never really understood that, but every time I would ask Jacob about it he would just dodge the question. One of these days I’d get it out of him.

“Look,” Mom said quietly, “If you want him to back off, just think of it. Edward’s probably listening to you specifically right now and he and Jacob have the same first class, so he’ll let him know for you.” (Figures Dad would be listening.)

But I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted either. I loved spending time with Jacob.

Mom sighed, and I realized I was still touching her skin. I must have shown her what I was thinking.

“Your father wanted him to give you some space, let you enjoy high school. Jacob wants you to enjoy it too. Just think about it.” Mom smiled, brushing the hair out of my face, before turning back to her conversation with Alice.

Great, I though. I decided to think about it later and concentrate on school. I didn’t have to make a decision on it right now. So give Jacob a break! I thought to Dad. This was actually the first chance I had to get a good look around the room. It surprised me, a little, because it actually looked like a music room you’d see on TV. The chairs were lined up in three long rows in the middle of the room. At the front was a long chalk board, with a music staff covering the whole of the middle board. Along the sides were large wooden cupboards, probably filled with instruments, and a big, black upright piano off to one side. The room was filling up, slowly, with students, and I noticed a girl headed towards the open seat beside me. I smiled up at her, and she smiled back. She was pretty, in a homely way. Not overly tall (about 5’6”) with long, light red hair. She had a pretty face, and wore little makeup. She was slightly more tanned than me, with brilliant green eyes. She was slender, but not stick thin like many of the other girls I’d seen here, and looked comfy in her jeans and a dark green sweater.

“Hi.” She said, dumping her book bag on the floor in front of her chair, “My name’s Brooklynn, you must be new.”

I smiled, wow, she talked to me! I thought. Wait, say something back stupid!

“Hi, I’m Nessie.”

“That’s an unusual name.” She replied, taking her seat.

“It’s short for Renesmee.” I said with a laugh, my name really was kind of ridiculous.

“It’s pretty.” She said smiling back.

“Thanks. Oh…” I mumbled, remembering Mom and Alice, “This is Alice and my… umm, Bella.” I said quickly, introducing them. One of these days I’ll get her name out right.

They smiled and said hi, then went back to their own conversation.

Oh that’s right, leave me to fend for myself I thought with a laugh.

“Sisters?” Brooklynn asked. I nodded. “Wow, cool. I had heard we were getting a big family joining us this semester.”

“Ya, there’s eight of us.” I mumbled; her jaw dropped. I smiled and listed them off and saying who were actually related to who.

“Wow, for all being adopted, you really look alike.” She said, pointing to my Mom.

“Ya, that’s what everyone says.” I laughed, hoping to sound convincing, “But you haven’t seen my brother Edward yet. We really look alike.”

It was then that the teacher came in, and the class settled down, kind of. He looked old and strict, and he was. We spent the entire class going over basic music theory, stuff that I had learned when I was like two. But it wasn’t so bad, me and Brooklynn talked the whole time. Turns out she was new to Detroit High last semester too. At the end of class, Brooklynn pulled out her schedule and asked me what I had next.

“Umm,” I mumbled, looking for the right slot, “World Geography, room 204, with Haynes.”

“Cool, me too.” She said with a smile, shrugging her back pack over her shoulder. “Want help finding it?”

“Please!” I cried, over exaggerating only slightly. I waved to Mom and Alice (who were smiling brightly, Alice giving me a ‘thumbs up’) and followed my new friend.

Hope u like it so far! :)

Ch. 4 almost done!

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