People, people, people! May I have your attention please!?
Now, where are all my Twihards at!? I remember the good old days when I'd sign in, and there would be SO many members online!! The numbers are so disheartening now... :'(

I had an old account, then I forgot the password and the password to my email ... Sad, I know! I was pretty torn up for a while, too! Then, I thought there was no point in creating a new profile when no one was talking to me anymore! So, without further ado, I will make my point!

I am returning to make friends, love friends, and talk about TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT, TWILIGHT! I will not - I REFUSE - to let such a beautiful series die!! I shall die with it! Now, if you're with me, add me! We will talk until the dawn breaks (ha, get it?) and then some!

Hope to talk soon! Many hugs! Byeee! :)

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I'm still a fan....kinda. I don't read the books or watch the movies anymore, but I love reading fanfiction about it :)

Hi, i'm new but i totally agree with you, i love the series and i don't want the fans to completely die out. Twilight Forever <3

I completely agree!! Just because the movies are all out and the books are all complete doesn't mean that Twilight is gone! I have been reading and writing fanfiction lately just to get my twilight fix but I wish the good ole days were back. TWILIGHT FOREVER 

I'm glad some one else is doing the same as i am ^.^ There are some truly amazing fanfiction's out there about the series! I've been really enjoying reading them lately :)

Agreed, Twilight Forever!

ugh i miss twifans when the movies first came out... i was just a twihard and had a family, coven, and it all... missing those people who i lost touch with. 

looking for new friends tho! 


I know right! The fandom was totally amazing when the films came out. It was a great time!



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