The truth

I see a small island in the distance probably for 100 people. 

"What is that?" I ask as I point to the island. 

"Its an island we are renting." I giggled. 

"Oh yeah I forgot we could afford island." I say sarcastically. I kiss him on the cheek. 

We approach the island and I get a better view. Giant mountains and and trees cover the centered of he island. I got excited and took a picture. 

He grabbed our luggage as the engine stopped and we were tied to the deck.  I jumped off the boat and ran onto the sand. I missed the sands texture and the way your feet just sunk in. I ran in the sand and little rocks hit the back of my legs. 

He picked me up as I was running and held me in his arms. 

"Ha ha ha ha put me down." I laughed. My face turned red. 

He put me Down and I ran into the beautiful house. I speed down as I looked inside the house. My eyes widened. Everything looked so perfect. The house was so roomy and modern. I lay my jacket on the couch and walk into the bedroom before Edward. He set the luggage on the bench by the bathroom. 

"We can have this room or the red room?" he told me. 

"Let's try this room first." I winked. I kissed him. 

"Do you want to go swimming or stay in here tonight?"  he asked. The room was complely open to the ocean. 

"Let's do both." I grin. 

"alright I'll be outside." I nodded. I quickly rummaged through my bag and grabbed a towel. I got undressed and ran out of the two large glass doors. The moon was amazing against the still water. The warm wheather felt amazing instead of the cold rain everyday. 

"Hey." I say wrapping my arms around his waist. He turns around and smiles. 

Sorry its shirt I just have a lot going on so I'll write more in a little bit

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I love this(: 
Thanks Ana

Ana Cullen <3 said:
I love this(: 
No matter that it's short I love it!;)
Deja vu! 
Thanks guys
Thanks guys
Howard you, Colie? Are you feeling better??
Nope but thanks you guys are just amazing and I can't thank you how much you guys help. Darn I'm crying now

Madeleine Cullen said:
Howard you, Colie? Are you feeling better??
You can always count on me.

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