O.K. What does he mean " I hate Vaginas" ???? His article in Details magazine?????? He does love woman, right??? What man would say that???

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it's confuse isn't it? ????
Very !!! Is he just saying that??? He does love woman right??? I mean he isn't Gay is he??? That would be such a blow !!I'm a 46 yr. old cougar thinking he is just too Handsome... beyond words??? Maybe someone out there knows the real answer !!!
Thx for answering!! :))
I think he was saying that b/c he had to see them all day during that photoshoot. As far as I know Rob has always loved woman. I would be heartbroken like everyone else if he was gay but he would the hottest gay man ever lol.
i just read that..that is crazy..that article was a little weird. lol.
who cares though, some great pics of Rob!
i don't think he's gay.he's just a man.all the straight men at least for once in their life said that they hate women.though they would be nothing without us and though they keep needing us. call it unconditional instinct.still if he would be gay he would still be a man.one of the most sexiest man alive :D
agreed Rob's almost always making sarcastic jokes i love his british humor

Kim said:
Really I think he was just joking. Like being sarcastic. Rob is very funny & doesn't take himself seriously. He always says strange things & he also has that British humor. I don't think we ladies need to worry about him & vagina's at all! :)
I haven't read this article. Is it online anywhere? If so, can someone link it? I would love to read it. I am new to the whole Twilight thing and even newer to Robert, who I already worship! LOL. Anyway, I have made sure to watch commentary on the dvd's (including Remember Me) and watched every interview i can find with him. I think he just has a very funny sense of humor. I doubt he really means he hates vaginas :) My gaydar does not go off when watching him, and it's pretty accurate :p lol. Who knows though. In any case he is hot no matter what.

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