i love both haha what do you prefer werewolf or vampire or a bit of both?

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omg is there even any question!? errrrm....ROBERT PATTINSON! he's super sexy, gorgeous and has a really amazing personality. he can sing and act and is the hottest Edward Cullen EVER!

i need not say anymore. i mean just look at him. he speaks for himself and yet says nothing. now look at him again ..... dreamy

however i would like to point out. i am team switzerland. but you asked rob or taylor not their characters so i answered between them. not jacob or edward. just them as actors.
:D thanks for replie x

ROBERT. Just look at the hair, and you'll know it ;D

But I have nothing against Taylor. I think that Taylor is a very cheerful kid and very handsome too.

But Robert.. Robert is just PURE LOVE. ;D
Not that I have anything against Taylor but there is no questions-----> hands down----> Edward!! He is amazingly hot and he is really down to earth. What I like about him is that he is not afraid to be himself, he is not like most teenage heart throbs who just appear to be perfect in the eyes of the media. He really expresses himself...its great to see someone who is hot like him and can be totally relaxed. He is definitely beautiful....
Robert Pattinson.

He is so hot in this picture!
I'm not really sure why, but I've never been a huge fan of taylor. And in the books, I never liked Jacob. So, I don't think I'd like any actor who played him.. So yeah, Rob.
I was a total Rob fan....but lately I've been seeing all these pics of the New Buffed up Taylor...and I dunno. Rob might have some competition lol!
Taylor is much cuter. I used to like him but then I saw Taylor. Lately Robert looks kinda creepy now days with the 5 o'clock shadow thing he has goin on. It makes him look like he's 50. With as much money as he has I'm sure the guy can afored a razor. Plus Taylor is such a sweet heart.

robert is simply perfect.....!!! look at this photo for understand.....
taylot is nice but he's a boy..... robert is a man, the sexiest in all the planet!!!
let's love him!!
I prefer vampire, but I'd chose Taylor over Robert any day. However....if it was Jackson or Kellan we'd have a whole different ballgame XD

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