I was so bored that I have to do something. I remembered this one. Lets just remember all our Robsten off screen moments.

From the Isle of Wight.

At Kings of Leon  concert.

Holding hands in Paris.

Kiss at The  MTV Movie Awards.

In the car after BAFTA awards

I know this isn't in order, but it's important to remember  :)))

Did I miss something, you post it than....I can't wait to see it....

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hahah Roxy!!cool pics and gifs!!
especially the first one!Rob is so pervy in it))))))))))))HOTTTTT
I ♥ Robsten..

roxy you r awesome.agree with olga, robert is such a pervy. thank you bella
Oh Rob, you dirty dog you.... STELLAR gifs!

♥ ♥ ♥ Roxy<3dwardCullen ♥ ♥ ♥ said:
i love Robsten!!!!!!!!

hahah)yeah, he`s one sexy beast!!:D
You did miss some things. Like the 2009 Comic Con for example...ohh that was PACKED with Robsten Moments. You also missed the time when she was spotted with him in Budapest during her birthday. And at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards when he laughed so hard when she dropped her award. You could soooo tell he was head over heels about her in just that one moment. Here's some stuff:

I don't know if any of you guys noticed this...but her stole her sunglasses somehow and that's why she's like gasping at him. It's sooo cute. This is DEFINITELY a Robsten Moment. This was at Comic Con 2009.

I just love that!!! Look at how she smiles at him, it's just adorable. Lol and here are some others:

This is a picture of them during the Q and A session at Comic Con. Had eyes for each other entirely. Adorable once again:

Another cute Robsten moment at the Comic Con where she looks up at him and it's really cute. Some think that he grabbed her ass in this and I can see why they think that!!:

Here are some more!!!! Gosh, I love these two. Everything about them is just sooo obvious though!!!! It's insane!!!

/tbSv8SVBuA4ohDNviouR5HPEQssPczMn3vbuIfnIkO4IO07pifRIxe-OeHAH3FuktMZaZhRLBHdUrApC2DYQ9l2zuMNjhfqW/BUSTEDinBUDAPEST.jpg" alt=""/">

Oh yesss...the infamous Budapest Birthday event....nice hiding guys..Lol

Love these below!!!! They were in their own little bubble 24/7 again.

WHOA KRISTEN!!!! What on earth are you loooooookiiinnnggg at????...:
Robsten moments in Japan....

And some more!!!! Sorry, Ivanna...I just have a lot of goodies to add!!! I hope you like them!

The new outtakes from Harper's Bazaar....

Idk about you...but those are the eyes of love...


Here are the times where they were spotted wearing the same shirts...it happened like 10 times but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to find all of the times. The first one here....no one can deny that. It's freakin' factual. I mean...look at the shirt.

And another time...

I'm sorry...there's just no way to hide this.

And here's another:

Now look at this one!
Look at the flannel shirt she's wearing underneath her jacket....
Look familiar yet....????

Reason why it looks familiar: Look at Edward's shirt here:

And here:


now look at this:

When kristen had to do promotional touring for the runaways..she was spotted with this shirt on her bag at the airport...then wearing it when she got off the plane..and then wearing it again during an interview...
it was with her like..all the time.

Now look at this:This is a picture of Rob at the New Moon Wrap party and the Eclipse Kick-off party:

Look at the shirt;

Here's another of him wearing that shirt: And this is also a very good Robsten moment. They're playing footsiee and she's eye-sexing him.This is their escape after the New moon Wrap up party.

Mhhmmmm...we know what you're thinkin' Kristen....lol!!!!

And this a period where they were spotted with the same sunglasses. I'm pretty sure they are Kristen's. They look like the same ones that Rob stole from her at the comic con!!!

Am I right, or am I right????


And this was the best New year's present ever, knowing that they were together to spend it....


We owe you, little Ms. Holly from Isle of Wight.

That's some of my favorite stuff!!!

le *sigh*....i love them....
i have sooo many goodies!!!! I could do this all night!!!!

This is when they were asked if they could fall for each other in real life. This was a very funny interview. It was back when Twilight has just begun.

Uh-ohhh....Rob's loookkinnnnggg at something....lol

This is just too adorable. Early Twilight days...*sigh*...it looks like Kristen likes to play too. I love the way Rob smiles afterward.


i don't think he stole her sunglasses couse she has one attached on her pants. these are all good. i can't belive i miss all these




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