I don't know..may get burned at the stake for saying this but why is it ok to say Robsten but it's like committing a sin if someone prefers Kristen and Taylor together and say Taystew or Taysten?

I write blogs and see this all the time and I feel its getting out of hand. I get that Rob and Kristen may or may not be together and I get that some people are very passionate about Robsten and that's great, but I don't think there should be bashing those who see it the other way. This site is really for all Twifans. It’s ok to get a little debate going every now and then, but I think everyone should be respectful of everyone's taste here. You might as well call this site Rob and Kristen's site. Robsten fans may be the majority here, but there are people who see it the other way and should not be treated as the plague. It really goes both ways.

Every actor on the Saga deserves recognition. The bashing fellow Twifan's opinions, who are devoutly in love with the Saga, just like you, is just annoying sometimes. Nothing has been confirmed for anyone's relationships, nor have they denied anything.

I like this couple or that couple and the other is just a mistake. GET REAL!!! This is Twifans.com, not a site devoted soley to one person. I honestly don't think Taylor, or Rob, or Kristen are sitting around thinking about you guys fighting, b******* and complaining about which couple is better. I get that everyone wants someone to be with each other, but honestly, it gets out of hand when less than pleasant words start flying around. This surely is where the want for the wall of fantasy vs. reality gets blurred.

In part, I think that the actors may have caused some of this riff as well because their personalities and mannerisms are so close to their characters, and they’ve even said this on their interviews. It makes the imagination run wild and will certainly have you thinking (and feeling) like this is what you want for them: to be and act like their fictitious characters. Its starting to be a mess.

It’s good to have an opinion, but not good when its voiced to merely demoralize a person. Now, this is just my opinion, no one has to agree nor do I need anyone to disagree. Heck, lets agree to disagree before THIS causes a riot. I think everyone Robsten, Taysten or anyone gets my point. Take it easy, its just a fan site – not Royal Rumble!

What's your take on this?

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Hahaha Thank you!

Nikki Law said:
I think you should become a public speaker. You rock, by the way. I am a 'Robsten' fan (god i hate that name.. couldn't it just be Rob and Kristen? or Krisert? Ahaa) but i think that, as you say, this is getting completely out of hand. A good example of that is the situtation with Emma Roberts on the talk show recently. I mean honestly, if you read some of the comments posted on that blog it makes your stomach churn. really, it's not about 'taysten' or 'robsten', but about Edward or Jacob, or as Bella so rightly points out in eclipse, Jacob's Bella and Edward's Bella. It's ridiculous for people to be so picky about the personalities of the casts. So many people have said how different Kristen is with Taylor than she is with Rob - of course she is! It's a different person she's with! So i guess it comes down to Rob's Kristen and Taylor's Kristen. People see it that way, and that's fine. But to voice their opinions in such disgusting ways is unjust when there are kids as young as ten using this site.
Thank you so much you saved my life and made my day
the stupid shitty robsten fans be so mean when they saw taysten I just almost want to cry im tired of it leave taysten fans alone thank you soo much for helping us taysten fans :D you saved me I litertally almost quit this site because od the rude comments about taysten leave taysten alone! thank you so much for speaking for me
-hugs tightly- I ♥ you and so does the rest of us Team Jacob/Taysten fans
sorry i talk alot but thank you
♥ bella
P.S. Go Taysten
xD AMEN George Taysten would have hotter children! :D
I agree what you said
George said:
Agreed. It makes me sick to read that some people bash Taylor or Jacob. I am Team Jacob but I also really like Edward. Everyone has got their pros and cons. We should all appreciate these characters since they are all part of the thing we love - and that's Twilight.
I really love Kristen and Rob together but I to my mind Kristen and Taylor would have way hotter children :D Just saying.
To sum up, I totally agree on what you said. I just feel that Team Edward members are so obsesessive about him and Robsten and it makes me tink that thy may have lost the connection to reality. We should all be nice to each other, that's important
Yeah but I still think they dating xP xD :D

He.luvs.me.lots said:
I was lurking this topic, but I totally agree. I don't really care about Robsten, which is why I don't come on Twifans as much. I do like Taylor and Kristen's friendship though.

And she has never outright called Taylor "like a brother" in an interview. It really peeves me when people say that. I don't think T/K are dating, but I don't think they look like brother and sister just because she's a year and a few months older than him. It's not even a whole 2 years. It just seems like a way to justify the so-called "Robsten" even though Taylor isn't even a threat to their relationship/friendship.

The only thing she's ever said is : "Everybody thinks we have a sister/ little brother dynamic going on, and I definitely fought for him."
I agree with you a 100% there is so much getting out of hand these days Team Edward, team Jacob, team rob and team Taylor not to mention twilighters vs twihaters. Why can't people just appreciate the saga and actors and not take it out of hand who cares if you best friend like Taylor or Jacob and you like Edward or Rob it shouldn't be a full out war over mere opinions. Another thing is this whole Robsten and Taysten I don't get it I personaly don't care if either of them get together they are completely different people compared to the twilight characters. For Example Edward likes baseball while Rob hates sports or Kristen she like classic rock while Bella likes just plane classical music.

Just my Opinion

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