We all want the paps to leave robsten alone right?? I couldnt agree more, but there seems to be alot of debate and critisim  on kristen flipping the paps the bird... There are the people who say well she got herself into fame so she should expect this sort of publicity then there are others that say no one deserves this kind of constent harassement by the paps and they should give them some space!  When has it gone too far? Does someone have to get killed(eg Diana) for the law step in and put a 5 mile radius around these celebs?  Okay i know some people will think thats extreme but i just would like to know everyone's opinion (plze without anyone judging other peoples! )

Has Robsten brought it on themself, do you think if they were just honest about their relationship the paps would just get off their back at least a little bit? Or do we need something to be done so the paps will give them at least some space? Is kristen really that wrong for expressing herself to the 'paps'? Or should she set an example and not let it get to her? Everyone is free to express themselves.. there is no right or wrong answer just opinions about the people we care about



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After reading your post I finally decided to put my two cents in.

I personally believe they brought all of this attention on themselves. I think that if they had just admitted from the beginning that they were together instead of trying to hide their "relationship" the paps would have gotten bored and moved on a long time ago. Since they decided to try to hide whatever was or is going on with them they are just adding fuel to the fire and giving the paps a reason to follow them everywhere and try to get pics, plus they are obviously not doing a good job at hiding and that keeps them in the tabloids with everybody asking the question " Are they or aren't they?"

Don't get me wrong I firmly believe that everyone has a right to their privacy, especially when they are in the public eye. I can understand that they want to keep their private lives private. They should just either admit that they are together, if they are ( I'm not completely convinced yet since I have heard so many different stories) or come out and say one and for all that they are not together and are just f*uck-buddies or good friends that they claim to be. Once the truth is out there they won't have to hide and more and the paps and tabloids will move on to a different/better scandal. It has worked for other couples in the past and I don't see why they don't realize it.

I have heard statements/rumors that one of the reasons they are keeping their "relationship private is because their managers and Summit believe that if they do admit that they are together that they will lose a lot of their fans base and therefore a lot of money if Rob admits that he is off the market because over half of the fan base are girls and women that would like to believe that Rob is single so they can delude themselves into thinking that they have a fighting chance at winning his heart.

Now personally I don't care for Kristen as an actor/actress (especially for the role of Bella) and I don't much care for her as person either. This is simply because of statements she has made and how she acts, whether she has apologized for the things she has said and done or not. She shouldn't have let the words come out of her mouth in the first place. As for the way she continues to act in front of the paps in public, I don't think that is a suitable way for a female to acts especially as a role model for her younger fans. I can understand where she is coming from when she acts that way but like I said earlier she brought this on herself and she should learn how to refrain from acting like that in public.

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, I want to end this little rant by saying that if they are together, I hope they are happy but my gut feeling is that they aren't. I believe that Rob could do much better but if that is who he wants then he should be happy but I honestly don't think it will last between them because of all the unnecessary stress they have brought on themselves.

I believe that Rob is an amazing person who is truly beautiful on the inside and out and he deserves happiness no matter what he is doing or who he decides to be with. I think he is an incredibly talented actor and musician who has an incredibly bright, promising and long future in front of him and I can't wait to see him in more movies and hear more of his music.

I am neither a Robsten or a Nonsten. I just want good things for Rob because he deserves it.
My two cents :)
I think when these actors are doing their JOB (red carpet, movies, photo shoots etc...) then that makes them fair game with the media to take photos and such.
HOWEVER, I do not believe that they owe the public ANY explanation on their personal lives. Since when do people have to announce to anyone that they are dating someone. I don't care if they are in the "public eye" or not. It's none of our business!!

I think it is AWFUL how the media hounds these celebs. I could care less if Rob goes out for coffee in the morning or if Kristen has just gone shopping! Leave them ALONE when they are on their TIME.
I like these actors for the JOB they do and not for what goes on in the personal lives!

These actors are young people who should NOT have to hold a press conference and announce who they are dating! I don't care if they are actors or not. It's an invasion of privacy! My heart goes out to them to have to put up with such nonsense!!
They can't even go out to dinner in peace without being hounded. That's just sad in my opinion.

I refuse to give into the whole media circus and buy the magazines that print all this garbage about the stars. I'll spend my money on the movies and dvds that these actors are in instead.

Now, if Rob wants to come on over to my house on a whim and announce to me personally that he is dating Kristen...then so be it and I'll welcome him with OPEN ARMS lol But until that day...IT'S NOT MY BUSINESS NOR DO I CARE.

And I do think there should be a law that protects them from the media. I think the media should have to keep their distance when these celebs are on their own time.

Have a great day everyone!

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