Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have spiced up there 'relationship' lately. (at least the latest tabloids have proved the fact true, but you cant be 100% sure of tabloids.) Although, both of them have denied there relationship almost everytime they are directly asked about. (they also avoid the question, like Robsten did on the Oprah show not too long ago) Maybe these pictures will give you proof. Maybe not. I did some research, not one of these pictures were photoshopped. Completely real.
The first picture, (im sorry i dont know where it was taken) but looking at other pictures, from different angles at the same moment, proves that Robert & Kristen were sitting together on a bench, both eating cookies.
The second picture, well to be completely honest with you is self-explanatory.

The third picture, really is of Kristen and Robert in the same car together on there way to God knows where, but if you zoomed in on the picture and saw the direction Robert was looking in, kinda gives an idea of there relationship.


But thats just me! Tell me your thoughts about it.


(Robert and Kristen, we know you deny your relationship, and I, speaking for myself, understand that because 'normal' people dont go around telling EVERYONE who they're dating, so there's no reason in the world that you have to tell us. I support your decision all the way, but I can't stop myself from making assumptions.)

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