omg i cant belive wat he did to her

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what did he do?
he broke up w/ and somone found emilee and rob on the beach the next day kissing and now kristen is goin dwn to ny for a show down and emilee might be the co-star on remeber me
ok.. but she is not mean when she sleeps whit him and have a boyfriend at the same time? and what is so bad about her being a co-star?
that should be interesting lol, wtf really i cant understand it get over it
it is true shes not better then he is
the next 2 movies are gonna suck. They need to grow up and Kristen needs to be like F this I'm gonna do my job and not worry about it. For Rob he needs to step down a bit, leading two women on ( Kristen leading her bf on) is not right. I would never be a celeb just because of that crap. I hope they can patch this stuff up. With this Emilee she just got out of a relationship so she's looking for a rebound that's all that is isn't she old enough to be him mom or Aunt. It wont last once Rob and Kris starts working together again.
why do you think that the last two movies are gonna suck? i hope and think that they will be great
i did not say that i belived that. but i belive that she cheated on her boyfriend whit rob. so maybe she is the bad one and not rob. i have not seen this in a magazine becaus we dont have the latest news in sweden all the time.
Ha ha ha all this gossip....
what did he do to her?

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