Here we roleplay! It starts as the Cullens are getting ready for their first day of school since Renesmee was born. Here are the characters to play-


The Cullens:

Renesmee Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Jacob Black- ღThe Fearlessღ


Isabella "Bella" Cullen- Miley Elizabeth Swan



Edward Cullen-



Alice Cullen- Bella Marie Cullen 323



Jasper Hale-



Rosalie Hale- The Cullen Sisters


Emmett Cullen- Elizabeth McCarty



Esme Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Carlisle Cullen-


The Pack:

Sam Uley-

Embry Call-

Quil Aterra-

Seth Clearwater-

Leah Clearwater-





Emily- Rachel "Renesmee" Black


The Denali's:

Tanya- Tanya Denali









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"Yay, sounds super fun!" Renesmee said, "Wait... can't the humans tell we aren't humans? I know they're... you know, humans, but they're not that stupid."
"Oh..." Renesmee said quietly.
"I'm not upset!" Renesmee said, "Just a little confused... they don't think we're real? That's weird. Hey, what grade am I in?"
Renesmee cocked her head, but said. "Okay. When do we leave?"
"No! Aunt Alice told me I started school today, like everyone else." Renesmee said.
((we actually can't leav yet, I want more characters to be on. K?))
Renesmee smiled. "Can I come?"
"Hey!" Renesmee said fixing her hair, "I spent forever doing my hair this morning!"
Renesmee was still flattining it down as she climbed into the passenger seat.
Nessie shrugged. "I think I can handle it."
Alice came back from a little hunting trip.
"Okie doke!" Renesmee said, and as they pulled away, she spotted Alice. "Hey, Aunt Alice is back!"
Alice noticed Nessie and smiled.




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