Here we roleplay! It starts as the Cullens are getting ready for their first day of school since Renesmee was born. Here are the characters to play-


The Cullens:

Renesmee Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Jacob Black- ღThe Fearlessღ


Isabella "Bella" Cullen- Miley Elizabeth Swan



Edward Cullen-



Alice Cullen- Bella Marie Cullen 323



Jasper Hale-



Rosalie Hale- The Cullen Sisters


Emmett Cullen- Elizabeth McCarty



Esme Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Carlisle Cullen-


The Pack:

Sam Uley-

Embry Call-

Quil Aterra-

Seth Clearwater-

Leah Clearwater-





Emily- Rachel "Renesmee" Black


The Denali's:

Tanya- Tanya Denali









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((Works great, Mile! Team Edward all the way!!!))
((Totally awesome!! Wanna start roleplaying?))
((Let's do it! I'll go first))

Renesmee jumped up and down as she looked herself in the mirror, fixing her curls. Auntie Alice sure knows how to pick out clothes! she thought. She was very excited.
"Mom!" Nessie exclaimed, "Hello! We're going to school today! Aunt Alice told me."
Renesmee sighed. "I know not to."
She got up and went to her backpack, making sure everything was there.
"Aren't you excited, momma?" Nessie asked when she put it down.
Renesmee put her hands on her hips. "Ha ha, very funny. You're coming too! Everyone is."
"Yes!" Renesmee said, "Are you?"
"Ha ha ha." Renesmee said rolling her eyes.
Renesmee went down the stairs with her mother, skipping over every-other one.
((we can't actually go yet because we don't have any other characters))
Ill be Alice
Could I be Rose?



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