Here we roleplay! It starts as the Cullens are getting ready for their first day of school since Renesmee was born. Here are the characters to play-


The Cullens:

Renesmee Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Jacob Black- ღThe Fearlessღ


Isabella "Bella" Cullen- Miley Elizabeth Swan



Edward Cullen-



Alice Cullen- Bella Marie Cullen 323



Jasper Hale-



Rosalie Hale- The Cullen Sisters


Emmett Cullen- Elizabeth McCarty



Esme Cullen- Emma M. Rhodes


Carlisle Cullen-


The Pack:

Sam Uley-

Embry Call-

Quil Aterra-

Seth Clearwater-

Leah Clearwater-





Emily- Rachel "Renesmee" Black


The Denali's:

Tanya- Tanya Denali









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"Uh, yes, I know! So is Jacob and the rest of his pack, and they can think for thermselves so Erick can too." Renesmee said, "I'm going to go find him."
Nessie turned on her heal and took off.
Renesmee went to the morgue, but he was gone. She looked out the open winodw, and jumped. She landed gracefully on the ground and sniffed, looking for Erick's scent.
Renesmee picked up on the sent and took off running that way. It led her to an alley way. She stopped and waited, out of sight to Erick.
Renesmee waited. She was slightly surprised that he hadn't smelled her yet.
"I followed you..." Nessie said, "Wait... you know my name?"
Renesmee smiled. He remembered!
"You remember everything? Emmett, the park, you passing out..."
"Huh..." Renesmee said, "Hey, I never clombed a tree!"
She went over to the nearest maple and swing herself up, landing on the branch. She giggled.
((Oh, all righty then. So confuzzled))

Nessie climbed until she was at the top. She looked down.
"You might want to put some clothes on." She called.
Renesmee pursed her lips. "Uh, ripped into shreds. But... if you book it back to Emmett's Jeep, you might find something."
Renesmee smiled and jumped down. "Sure. Be right back."
She ran over to Emmett's Jeep, picked through the back and found some shorts and a t-shirt and brought them back. All in less than two minutes.
"Here you go. Sorry, they may smell like Emmett... or my Aunt Rose's perfume." Renesmee said handing them to him.
"I would, it smells like magnolias." Nessie said, grinning.
I sniffed. "There's a hint of Emmett... but it's mostly Rosalie, you're lucky."




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