(Emmett's POV)
When I woke up from the pain filled darkness of being ina coma for three days,or so they tell me.
When I opened my eyes there was the beautiful women from the woods.
"I was not afraid of her for I thought she was my guardian angel"
Learning about the vegetarian life was hard but having the strength made almost a game out of it

(Carlisle's POV)
Seeing Rosalie and Emmett interact with each other was like a miracle come true
Rosalie's depression went away although she is still resentful of this life. Emmett has brought some of Rosalie's old happiness out
I am glad I changed Emmett for if I didn't I don't know what would've happened to Rosalie
I sometimes feel bad for Edward though.
Everyone but him is all lovey dovey in their brains and sadly he has to listen to all of this. 

(Rosalie's POV)
Emmett has made me so much happier. I wish that fate had brought us closer together before I was changed so we could create a family together.
Emmett and I are so happy together. I am glad I found him in whatever life.
He believes I saved him but in reality we saved each other. I saved him from being gone forever
He saved me from death
Emmett is what saved my life my soul my humanity 
Without him my life is nothing..................

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Omg this is amazing!!!

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