(Rosalie's POV)


When I was young there were very few things I truly wanted. I thought I wanted attention but all I wanted was a loving family and a child. Oh how I wanted a child of mine to adore and watch grow over the years.I met Royce soon after these dreams came to my attention. Within weeks our wedding was set in motion.


(2 weeks later)

It was the night before the wedding and I couldn't wait to start my new life with my new family. I was walking home from seeing my friend. She had a baby boy that was so sweet and cute. It was late and I tried to walk fast. I decided to go down the main street of town where the streets had more light upon them. As I was walking I spotted Royce and his friends. Tonight was his bachelor party and I decided just to keep walking.Royce had other plans. He turned and saw me so he called me over. I did not want to have him second guessing the night before our wedding so I went without much hesitation. His friends were quite drunk. Royce started to try and remove my clothing I couldn't escape. I screamed for help but it was late and no one was around to take notice.They beat me until I was on the edge of life and death.I was left in the streets to die bloody and abused. To think all I wanted was a child. Just a child.......


(Carlisle's POV)


I was walking back from hunting when I smelt the blood. I could tell there was a huge quantity and rushed to see if I could help as I was a doctor. What I found was a bloody woman lying in the streets with bruises showing she was beaten. At first I thought she was dead until I listened more carefully and heard her shallow heartbeat. I didn't want her to die but wasn't sure I wanted her to lead the life of my family and I. She was quite beautiful and I started thinking about Edward not having someone to love. I decided then it would be best to try. I bit her and the wonderful taste of human blood filled my mouth. That's when the screaming began. I did not expect that for not even Esme or edward had made such a loud commotion. I raced to my house in the woods quickly trying to avoid the attraction of the sleeping town. When I got there Edward and Esme helped me arrange her a room in the basement were her screams could not be heard. Then we waited for her eyes to open.


(Rosalie's POV)

I screamed loudly as the pain seared through my body. How could this be death.I should not feel this much pain if I were dying. I screamed for anyone to help me to stop the pain and just kill me already. I tried to re-collect my thoughts and had decided that a man I knew named Royce had beaten me up and left me to die in a secluded place. He must have been beating and torturing me again. I soon realized that my screams would never be answered and stopped my loud screaming. The pain seared through my veins seeming to pool around my heart. I thought this was it I was going to die.  My heart sped up and the pain intensified. My core arched upwards as if the pain was pulling me. Finally my heart refused to beat and the pain was gone. I could hear unfamiliar voices and decided to open my eyes and see where I was everything was so clear.


(Edward's POV)


I watched rosalie most of the day so that Carlisle and Esme could go into town and keep up appearances. Carlisle tried to keep his thoughts away from me but eventually they slipped and I heard that Rosalie was meant to be my mate. I decided to watch her then to see if we would ever be compatible. I asked carlisle how it felt when he was in love with Esme. The feeling between him and Esme and me and Rosalie were different in every way. I felt that we were sister and brother and no more. I never felt a romantic connection to her. I stayed with her though thinking about what she'd say about our life about our diet. I heard her heart speed up and dialed Carlisle at the hospital immediately. Carlisle had "walked" today and so he was home within minutes with Esme. We watched Rosalie until her heart stopped beating and then.....


(Carlisle's/ Edward's/Esme's POV)

We all saw her open her red eyes and take in the world as a different person.

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Alice Renesme Cullen said:

sorry but in another story i am doing my stories for character made one for esme and Carlisle and doing this one and alice and jasper (not ed and bella cuz everyone know that story) trying to keep these accurate to the book but i plan on making an after braking dawn story so you can be with him in that

thanks liv i love your stories too i will continue and add a part every day until i finish. I want to re do carlisle's and esme's just to make it better and more detailed and i will also do it with alice and jasper too. I am not doing it with edward and bella cuz everyone already knows that story.

Olivia Cullen said:


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