what do you think about Rosalie Cullen?

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I think that too most people she is miss understood, you should really be able too see things from her point of view.. If you were too know her past, you would know whyy she acts the way she does person.. Because after something like that your just kind of scared for the reast of your life..

She is a bit rude to Bella. She is very very stuck up as you can see in Midnight Sun. She loves her beauty and thinks she's better than everyone else. She's not TOO bad but I think she could be a little less mean to Bella and not as narcissistic. No, im not trashing on Rose but this is just how I think she is.

I actually love Rosalie. I mean, really, if you see everything from her point of view shes not wrong. She was beaten,raped,humiliated and just when she thought she could find solace in death Carlisle turned her into a vampire. So now not only is she immortal but shes forever thirsting for blood and has to live with those awful memories and then she realizes she cant have the one thing she truly wants (husband and kids). Even though she finds Emmett who i believe she truly loves she still cant have a child..so how bad must she be feeling about that (especially when in BD she realizes Emmett can have a biological child but not with her).As for her treatment of Bella, i can see her where shes coming from. How can she be sure that the human wouldn't jeopardize in any way her family? And even during Bella's pregnancy i think she had genuinely started bonding with her and starting to think of her as family. So yeah i'm all up for Rosalie. Shes possibly the most real character in the entire saga for me 

I think she's really nice once you get to know her but sadly she's my least favorite!!!!!!!
I love rosalie! 

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