Roswell? Before there was Bella and Edward, There was Max and Liz...

I just recently watched Roswell on Netflix and I must say... It's like Twilight with Aliens. HAHA. I instantly fell in love with the show after I watched the first episode.


I'm curious to know if anyone else here has watched it?

It has Katherine Heigl, Colin Hanks, Emilie De Ravin and a few other people in it.

It totally reminds me of Twilight meets Vampire Diaries, just substitute the vampires with aliens!

Check it out, here's the pilot episode below. I would love to hear what you guys thought of it!


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Oh Max. I love him and liz so much. haha. <3

Raquel said:
I love Roswell, have the series at home, watched it years ago when they showed it on t.v, I too was instantly taken in by the show and even though there comes a point when I could smack Max Evens over the head, by what he does, persist to the end of the series and it all pans out, I have watched it quite a few times and I still enjoy it.
who u telling lol i watch that all the time on netflix love that showlol

hahah, I do too. It's amazing! ;)

I just think that Roswell was before it's time. It's the Twilight of the late 90s! Twilight fans should check it out if they've never seen it before. :)

I agree
Ha glad to see I'm not the only one proud to say they love this series........
ure not the only one lol I watched it when it 1st aired and loved it every since lol now that the wonderful world of net flix is here we can relive max and liz again lol my son watched it one day with me and said oh they rip twilight off I told him nope twilight wasn't even thought of yet lol and I always thought max was cute I also loved dawsons creek ,and falicity because the show was based in ny where I'm from lol and 90210 the real show not that junk now I loved it lol

2nd Episode?


Here's the rest of season 1. :)

Erin Westlund said:

2nd Episode?


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