Rpattz & Kstew actually moving in together or a just a lie in magazine?

Hey Twifans, listen I was looking through a mag yesterday and read that Rpattz & Kstew have bought a house on a hill in LA with a pool and everything. I don't know if it's true so could you tell me if t is or is not as I'm quite confused here :S


If they have then that's totally amazing as they deserve to live a happy life together, if they haven't then the papers and magazines need to stop stirring s*** up as it's not fair on them. I didn't buy the mag as I didn't have enough money but il buy it at some point if it's still out and put the pics up for you all to see.




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I havent heard of that rumor yet , do you remember what magazine it was? But anyways it would be cool if they move in together even though my heart is broken * NO Rob, what about the kids* lol
yeah i saw it in the Intouch and they said that the house looks like the cullen house...hhaha belive that they're a couple but i think they wont buy a house.
i read a magazine that said this too but am not sure if its true or not, i think they are good together :) rather jealous though rob (L) the house does look like the culllen house, it really loverly, i love them together :)
Thanks for the help and um no I can't remember what mag um i think maybe reveal something like that. I'll be quite jealous of Kristen if they move in together the lucky bugger :L
I think they would wait until after Breaking Dawn is done filming before even thinking of getting a house together. Also, perhaps wait until they are a bit older. I'm thinking that long-term they probably would end up having a home away from Hollywood, maybe New Mexico or somewhere "off the beaten path". Just my idea. Only probably is that she's close to her family and they live in LA. We'll all just have to wait and see.

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