"Clouds of sulphur the air"
"Bombs are falling everywhere"
"It's heartbreak warfare"
-Heartbreak Warfare John Mayer.

That night I don't sleep at all. I might have just ruined my only friendship. The only person I ever trusted. He said he loved me sense the day he met me. What made me so special then. I think back to that day. 

I was wearing my usual hunting clothes it was a Saturday in April. I was 12 no 13 it was my birthday. 2 weeks after my parents death. I had the deepest bags under my eyes. I was the skinniest I had ever been. I didn't look like anything special. My hair was in a pony tail with a braid coming from it. I heard a twig snap and I picked up my axe and threw it. It didn't get that far because I hadn't eaten in three days. It was only my third time hunting without my dad. "Hey!" he yelled at me once the axe landed a few feet in front of him. "Sorry I thought you were a animal" I called back at him. "I'm Jacob Black." he came up to me."Iris" I said quietly. "Ice. Like your eyes, I'm going to call you ice eyes" he laughed. "It's Iris not ice" he handed my axe to me. "Ok ice eyes" he laughed again.
After that he would end up meeting me in the woods every Saturday and Sunday and most days after school. It was a few months later until I told him the truth about my parents. 

I bring myself back to reality. I still didn't get it. Why me? Why did he love me? I'm a poor girl who is almost starving that has to take care of her five siblings. Out of all the girls he chose me. I hit my head back onto my pillow. This is like war. Heartbreak warfare, those are the words I can use to describe this. I drift off to sleep for a few hours. In the morning I'm missing the bus because Nicole is late again. I'll just be late to school again. I'm sitting on the couch with Zenave just waiting. Her hair is getting longer and darker. "I think your going to have daddy's hair like me" I say to her. She smiles and continues to play with my braid. "Hey Iris" Bella bursts through the door. "What are you doing here" I say."Well you weren't at school so I figured I could miss first period" she smiles."Well I'm just waiting for Nicole to get here" as I say that Nicole comes through the door. "I'm so sorry I'll bring you to school.." She starts "Oh hey Bella" she smiles like there old friends. "It's fine" I hand Zenave to her "Come on Bella" We head out the door. We start down the road."So why do you and Nicole look so close?" I ask."Oh she's Edwards sister" she smiles."Edward? Edward Cullen?" I say shocked. "Ya we've been hanging out" she smiles. The school day goes by quickly but I can't get Jacob off my mind. By the time I finish dinner I can't help but go hunting. 
I walking through the wood with my bow loaded. Just waiting for a twig to snap or for him to say hey ice eyes. But nothing, and two hours later nothing. I sit on the rock where I last saw him; where we kissed. The rain starts to come down and I stay sitting there, all alone. 

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Love it.. And yes I hate it when I'm late

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