"My dads saying work that job but dont work your life away"
"Momma tellin me to drop some cash in the offer plate on sunday"
"And grandad saying you can have a few, but don't ever cross that line"

A tear drop hit the paper. To tell me to that the note was over. I looked at the other trees. There was a note in each.
I run back to the house. I look around for Bentley then i figure ot he's in his room."Bentley!" I yell. He comes downstairs. "What?" he asks.  "Grab your jacket were going in the woods" I say. He grabs his jacket off  the hook and laces his boots up. We go behind the house and grab my bow and a bow for him. Then we head into the woods. "Where are we going?" He asks."Your going to learn to hunt" I tell him following the path to the river."whyy?" he complains.  "Because. Dad was going to teach you to hunt and sense he's gone." I pull out my bow. "I'm going to"."Really!" he says excitedly. That's the happiest I've seen him in years. "Yeah"  I hand him the extra bow.

"Alright. Just pull back. Keep your eyes on the target. Breath. Steady hands and release" I send a arrow into my tree. "Now you" I say to Bentley. He sends a arrow to the tree next to his."I suck at this!" he complains."Just keep your hand steady. Relax. Your great your just not focused. Try again and relax. Its just me" I say to him. He sigh. Pulls the bow up. I hear him release a breath as he releases the arrow. It hits the center of his heart in the tree. "Oh my god! I did it!" he screams. "Woah whats this noise?" Jacob laughs coming out of the woods. "Iris is teaching me how to hunt" Bentley smiles. Bentley has such a great smile but he never shows it. "Nice" Jake says to Bentley. Bentley starts to shoot more arrows into the tree. "Hey I" Jake kisses the top of my head. Ice eyes apparently wasn't a cute dating name so Jake started calling me I. I still call him Jacob or Jake. "Hey" I say. "So tonight you want to go out to dinner. My treat, for your birthday" he smiled. "I would but who is going to watch the kids. Nicole left remember?" I say. "I got that covered. You know that girl Leah?" he asks. "No way she is watching them!" I yell at him. He laughs."Her brother Seth said he would watch them"."Um ok. Seth is fine" i shrug. "Ok! Me and Seth will be hear at 8" he kisses my head and runs into the woods. 

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O my god I love it!!!! It's great!!! 
Thanks Ronnie
Ur welcome Molly. I'm really sorry for everything that has happened u know :'( But the world keeps spinning ya know?? So all we got to do is keep our head held high and keep moving forward, hoping there's a light in all the darkness. 
If u ever need someone to talk to I'm here:) 

Molly said:
Thanks Ronnie

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