"So this is me standing in front of you" 
"Saying I'm sorry for that night"
"And I go Back to December all the time" 
-Taylor Swift Back to December.

Anger takes over the pain.
1. Is for my mom 2. Is for my dad 3.Is for Bentley 4. Is for Fire 5. Is for Trenton 6. Is for Amaryllis 7. Is for Zenave 8. Is for me. For my suffering. My pain. The anger I feel. 9, 10, 11. I'm out of room. The tree is full of arrows. Whenever I'm mad I go out here and shoot this tree until I'm out of room. A bird flys by. And it goes down. I hear a branch snap. And something goes through the air. I shoot at it and it bounces off. A rock. "Jacob! I am not in the mood!" i yell and I shoot a arrow into another tree."Come on what's wrong?" he yells. I point my arrow in the direction he yelled from. "Come out in the open!" I shout back."Not until you put the bow down" he laughs. I throw the bow on the ground. I see him get up from behind a rock and pull a arrow out of the tree. "So why are you mad today?" he asks as he taps the top of the arrow. "I'm just mad I don't need a reason" I pout. "You have such a temper" he laughs."and you don't" I mumble."See there it is. Do you want to go hunting I'll watch the kids and make dinner?" he offers. "No I'm fine taking it out on trees" I pick up my bow and shoot a arrow at a tree next to him. "Are you going to tell me why your mad" he looks at the arrow next to his head. " I have every right to be mad! I don't need a reason! My life sucks! And it's just going to get worse isn't it!" I scream at him and send a arrow at another tree. He doesn't say anything."Isn't it!" I scream again. He still doesn't say anything. "You don't have to lie and tell me it will get better because it won't!" I throw the bow on the ground and walk away. 

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