San Fran TwiTour folks - what kind of vendor goodies were for sale?

Hey you folks who have been to a TwiTour, any new gear and goodies?

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there wasn't a lot to choose from. only like 10 booths. some jewelry that looked like renisance fair stuff. some lotions which i bought. we have a blog coming on that company. autographed celebrity pictures to buy. tshirts from creation entertainment. twilighteez tshirts. 100 monkeys tshirts and posters. another jewelry company that didn't interest me and that's it. hopefully each convention there will be more and more vendors.
Wow that's surprising and disappointing.

Did you see anyone trading Twilight cards? I have special card dupes I need to trade for special cards I'm missing. I was hoping people might be trading at the con.
i was disappointed i had reserve money waiting to buy cool twilight stuff. But maybe atlanta will be better. you are going to atlanta right?

trading cards almost had me throw a fit. creation entertainment were selling the whole set of card for 15 dollars. no special cards but still enough to piss me off cause i must have spent like 60 to 100 to get all mine!
I was also surprised how few vendors were at SF and the variety of their wares was severely lacking. You can find better Twilight-inspired jewelry at or T-shirts at

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