Yada yada yada time went on and I never fully grasped my powers yet. My emotions influenced them pretty much. It was still the same elements I've been changing into, not for long. Mich and Alice decided to take me to LA for a little so I could shop and do girly things. This would turn out to be the beginning of an odd relationship. 

One night I was strolling around LA alone and see what night life was like there. That's when I met him. He stood way taller than me, he was pale and had ginger colored hair. He looked in my direction, his eyes sky blue. He smiled at me, and that's when I felt my transformation begin. I ran off back into the hotel room we were staying in, but it was too late. 

"Hanna? What happened?! What are you feeling?!" Mich panicked. 

I felt a bright light shining, it encapsulated my entire body. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and I felt everything in my body change. 

"Oh my god," Alice gasped..

I opened my eyes and she brought me to the mirror on the door. My hands covered my mouth. My hair was silky and golden, perfect barrel curls dangling down from my head. My eyes were a navy blue color and my cheeks were bright pink, my lips cherry red. I was in a strapless gold evening gown. I never experienced this before. It was love, and I was in the stars.

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Love it!!!! It's so sweet lol 
Tank you 

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