Dream Zone thing: 

I stood on the x factor stage with the five boys right beside me. Simon Cowell was the only judge.

"You are out. It wasn't because of you boys, it was all Hanna's fault," he said.

They all looked at me angrily. Mixed emotions swirled in my head. They pulled me out and they beat me up. No one did anything to stop them. Then Zayn gave me one last fatal blow to the chin and I collapsed. I lost all breath and before I fell forever into darkness I heard their laughter. 

The scene changed and I was facing a man in robes. He was pale white and his eyes were ice blue. He smiled and his teeth were pointed like his fingernails.

"You can't run from me forever Hanna. I am your worst fears and temptations," he laughed.

A snake slithered out from under his robe and it moved quickly around my feet. 

"Your fears will overcome you and you will destroy all that you have ever loved," he taunted.

The snake bit my ankle and I winced in pain. I looked into his eyes and pain seared through my veins. I dropped to my knees and wailed in pain.

"You know what to do. All you need to do is kill yourself and everything will end," the man tempted.

The ground began cracking open and flames poured out of the ground's veins. The flames trapped me in a cage and began pulling me into the Earth. 

My eyes shot open and I screamed in terror. Niall jumped up and he ran to my side. Tears poured down my cheeks and soon I was crying hysterically.

"What happened? What's wrong?!" Niall asked worried.

I couldn't speak and I just hugged him tightly and wailed. Niall shushed me calmly and he lay my head back onto my pillow. He wiped the tears from my eyes and he kissed my nose.

"Nothing will happen to you, I won't let it happen, we won't let it happen," Niall reassured.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"It's only midnight. Now go back to sleep," Niall went back to his bed and fell back asleep.

I grabbed my iPhone and went on twitter and tweeted everyone. Moments later I got a direct message from Liam. I looked back at my tweet and instead of saying #ReallyTired I pressed the @ and when I typed the Real I clicked on Liam's username @Real_Liam_Payne. His direct message said:

Hanna go to sleep. We need you awake for tomorrow.

I messages him back.

No I can't.

Liam: yes you can. Do you want me to come in there?

Me: hahaha NO

Liam: then go to sleep

Me: No.

I giggled under my breath and before you knew it s silhouette was at the door. It was Liam. He stumbled over to my bed.

"Hanna, please just go to sleep. I know you're nervous, we all are. We need you awake for what's going to happen tomorrow," Liam pleaded.

"Nawwwr Liam you know I can't say no to you," I hugged him.

Liam laughed quietly and hugged me back. He told me goodnight and he left the room. I began to close my eyes once more hoping for the best.

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Happy cinco de mayo! 
What? Isn't that the 5th of may not the 27th of march?

Madeleine Cullen said:
Happy cinco de mayo! 
LMFAO MADS that's celebrated on May 5th the independence day of Mexico?? Lmao xD 

Madeleine Cullen said:
Happy cinco de mayo! 
DONT WORRY RONNIE WILL B THERE TO SAVE U IF ANYTHING HAPPENS!!!!!! lolz and no we can't say no to Liam that's wrong xD 
Love it!!!

lol my bday is may 7th

I know I just say that to confuze people


Madeleine Cullen said:

I know I just say that to confuze people

my bday is May 15th
TheBeastlyWriter247 said:

lol my bday is may 7th

May 12

Madeleine Cullen said:
May 12

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