Should Breaking Dawn Be 2 Movies Beacause of the Amount of Content?

So..If Breaking Dawn is made in to a movie do we think 1 movie limit time is enough to include ALL the content?

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yeah i would prefer two movies and that they respect the book and put all the important scenes
There was enough in ND for 3 or 4 books. There are so many cool characters who never got developed.

I guess it will depend how Summit's strategy works out. It may be that, by ND, there won't be nearly the same numbers of viewers, so no incentive to make another movie.
i think it should stay kirstin and i also think it should be in to movies so it can have all the details it probally should be bellas first book and jacobs book then the next should be bellas other book.... i still cant wait to see renesmee.... lol...
It would be interesting to see how they plan to fulfill either Bella or Jacob's thoughts in an action film. As stated before Bella rambles in thought and after put into actions the time is not that long. It makes me wonders where they'd put the cut? Where would they leave us hanging?
I think it should there's so much in breaking dawn that cant be left out . . . and to scramble it into one movie would probably take away alot of detail . . . but the question is whether who would be up to filming 2 movies for breaking dawn cause it will take time and money and most direct ask for lots of money . . . well the good ones at least . . . and i think we can all agree that we need a good director to film this movie . . . they have to get every detail and angle especially with the special affect cause renesmee will probably need to be cgi'd at least when she's a newborn . . . but n e wayz summit should make 2 movies on the count that they'll make more money . . . cause the last movie for harry potter is going to be made into 2 movies and they both will probably make shiz loads of money . . so i would think summit would follow in there foot steps . .
Fffft.....not possible!

Bella G. said:
Definitely NO!!!!! Otherwise it might get too dragged out and boring.
it could be a long movie like the case of benjemin button----watever they do they do not need to leave out much of the contenet its too important

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