. Would Bella have gotten her happy ending? or would the werwolves kill them all? Was it better that he left? I am team Edward, and I still think Edward should have left. I'm happy with how the series ended. What do you think would have happened if Edward had never left?

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i think she wouldnt have known jacob was a werewolf and wouldnt had become more mature enough
Hmmm, interesting question. I think if Edward had never left, Jacob would have stayed a side note, there would have been no triangle. The triangle existed because Edward left. So, no triangle, I think Bella and Edward are together, I would imagine she still would have pressured him to change her, which she was doing before she knew about the wolves. The story certainly wouldn't have been very interesting, I imagine they would have had their compromise, went to college, and spent a couple of years doing that. I imagine the change would have happened elsewhere away from Forks and the wolves may have never known a human had been bitten.

I think Billy would have been suspicious with Bella never coming home, but with no Cullens, would all of them have become wolves??? Maybe, maybe not. And, I'm not sure they would have had Reneesme. With no wedding, no honeymoon - at least while she was human. I imagine Edward would have continued to postpone their intimacy until after they were married and she was turned. Also, if this is my own version, the honeymoon would have been rated "R", not PG-13! :)

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