Ok so ik it's been a while and I really missed y'all!! So I want to start a new story but I'll need people to be in it. So who wants to be in my awesome story? Huh huh huh??...

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Me! Defenitly!
Name: Molly 
Description: blonde hair, usually in two French braids. Ice blue eyes. Pale. Human (can I be turned by something sad) pink lips. 
Personality: shy, quiet, keeps to herself
Age: 13
If you could do that it would be great :)
Yes you should and give me your info for your character please

Sarah Elizabeth said:
If that's what you want most definately :) I haven't been writing either but really it's up to you gorgeous :) it really is. Now I pose the question to you..should I try as well? 
Omfg girl it's been like AGES since I've last talked to you!!! We need a MAJOR catch up session. I haven't been writing much either because I've been in and out of doctor's offices from my car accident, not only did I have a concussion, but I have a weird problem going on with my hip. And girl, I would be honored to be in your story. 
Name: Hanna!!!!
Description: 5ft(FINALLY), chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair, dramatic(in a good way), and very optimistic, and single

Email me so we can catch up!


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