Do You Think Stephanie Meyer Should Publish Midnight Sun??

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Yes, it would be fantastic to finish reading it...I also understand how horrible it must have been for Stephanie when it was leaked (and not that I'm violent but I do want to punch whomever did that!) but I was extremely amused getting Edwards perspective on get much more insight into Twilight.
of course she shouldddddddd, she HAS to. I NEED midnight sun
YES!!!! I would love To have a Midnight Sun Saga to accompany the Twilight Saga. Whever leaked it onto the net should have the Volturi sicked on them and Jane can make them her special project!
Of would be a total twist to read it from Edward's point of view.....I love Twilight!!!
yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of corse & if u feel the same, go to & sign the petiton they have i hope it works & plz help!
yeah she must published it but when whe wants to so we've to wait
YES!!! yes yes ans YEEEEEES i totally shoud cuz if it isint well we will have to read the books over and over again and then aventually forget about twilight and the twilight saga
OF COURSE!!!! it is literally awesome! I wish i could slap some sense into stephanie myself.
Oh HELL YES. This is one of the best books. I read Twilight first, then Midnight then the rest in order. I cannot get enough of Edwards point of view. On another blog I was talking about if they made Midnight Sun into a movie, I wonder if Rob would sign on to play Edward? I've read all the books at least 20 times each and it's such a bummer to have to go to the computer to read Midnight. I wanna hold it in my hands and see my drool marks! Three cheers for Strephanie and her wonderful dreams and imagination !!!
OMG yes, I crave for it to be published, I devoured the partial draft(from the link she gave herself on her official website, not a leak). I think I enjoyed the story from Edward's eyes and heart slightly more so than Bella. Being a deep person myself in my writing, I enjoyed how much deeper everything sounded coming from Edward since we get more of a look into his mindset, of just how beautiful and fascinating he found Bella, and just how much he self hates. During the scene where he is watching her sleep I think for the first time, and he says how she takes his breath away, my heart was melting!! I am a hopeless romantic and wuves my Edward! And of course it is wonderfully intriguing that through Edward we also get the true mindsets of everyone else's through his mind reading gift. Jessica having a biotchy attitude and exactly what inappropriate thoughts the waitress at the restaurant had were some of my favorite moments into the minds of the other characters.

I would love to be able to read the ballet studio scene through Edward, my favorite scene in Twilight. That was such a deep and emotional situation for Edward and I would love to know what was happening in his mind for the duration.

I pray that it will be finished and published.




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