ok so there are like a lot of people that have been saying that Robert Pattinson should not be Edward Cullen. i personally think that Robert is perfect for the role..but what do you guys think?? should he be replaced or not?? and if he should be who do you think should the be the next Edward Cullen????

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i think thar rob is rob. he's beautiful, a gentleman and so sexy.
he's perfect 4 all the role.
hes perfect 4 edward cullen too
If they replace him they will ruin the rest of the movies!!!!! I bet there would be total melt down and petition's every where and boycots and everything......I truly don't think that the movie would have gotten as big as it has with out the chemistry between Robert and Kristin and considering I'm not a hugh fan of Kristin's acting thats saying alot! (Nothing against her at all just seems like you get alot of the same thing out of most of her characters sorry) I think if they tried to replace ANYONE in the movie it would all go down hill!!!
Absoulutly Nott..!! The movie just would not be the same..!!
I dont think robert should be replaced are you crazy and if someomne did lets hope its not someone stupid like Zac Efron!!!!!!!
He should DEFIANTLY be Edward Cullen! Hes PERFECT for the job! And if he was replaced then A LOT of fans would be VERY angry. Everyone loves Rob!
no way!
he plays Edward VERY VERY VERY well
and if they DID replace him (which i highly doubt they will) then everyone will be disappointed nad sad and they wont get as many fans and stuff
so NO
he's beautiful, but not enough. nobady is.
anyway, he plays the role perfectly so he shouldnt be replaced.
I think Rob is perfect for the role. In the book, the way he is described by Bella, and anyone else, is exactly what Rob looks like in the movie. Yess, there is tons of makeup on him and he's dressed for the part, but, they could not do that with anyone else. And honestly, i think it would ruin the movie if he was all of sudden replaced. It just wouldn't make sense. I don't know if anyone else could think of someone else who could play him. . . but i think he's jsut perfect for the role.
Robert Pattinson should not be replaced,and I cant't imagine a different Edward can u?
Definition of Rob:
Sexy, gentlemanly, muscular, tall, beautiful.

Definition of Edward:
Sexy, gentlemanly, muscular, tall, beautiful.

Hello! Anybody see a pattern there?!
Why are we having this discussion?! Of course NOT he should be replaced! He's great :D I don't even know anyone else who would be better Edward ..And he's already signed for the next movies :D
The people who say he should be replaced obviously haven't seen the movie. Rob is perfect for the role and he's the best Edward Cullen this world has so for those who think he should be replaced I say get a doctor!!

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