ok so there are like a lot of people that have been saying that Robert Pattinson should not be Edward Cullen. i personally think that Robert is perfect for the role..but what do you guys think?? should he be replaced or not?? and if he should be who do you think should the be the next Edward Cullen????

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Robert is absolutely perfect for the role!
The movies wouldn't be the same without him!
He's just woooah <3
I think that rob looks perfect for the part. His acting did seem like it was better than kristen in the movie so I would say that he should stay as edward cullen. I think he may need to work on his facial expressons when it comes to giving a devilish look.
OMG!!!!! i dont even think this question should be make!!
Rob is doing it so fan-freaking-tastic!!!!.....I'm agree with all guys here...the movies would be completely destroy!!....
without counting that I'm absolutely sure all fans would make everything to get back rOb!!!!
so.......NO!!!!....ROB'S PLACE MUST BE at the TWILIGHT SAGA!!!! ....=)
NEVER NEVER NEVER REPLACE HIM...I would refuse to watch the rest of the movies if they did!!
NEVER! I love robert, hes beautiful,and kind and he just portrayes edward the best! :) hes Perfect for him!
No way! Rob is perfect as Edward.I think he does an excellent job. I think if anyone should be replaced it should be Kristen as Bella. She is a horrible as Bella. When I watch the movie the Bella in the movie is nothing like the Bella in the book( to me at least).
Seriously??? I can't believe that this question has ever entered anyone's mind - except perhaps, to validate that Rob is indeed the perfect Edward! Let's all acknowledge that Rob Pattinson IS the franchise - no offense to the rest of the talented cast, but without his portrayal of Edward, we would not be fortunate enough to be anticipating the release of the rest of the series. The good people over at Summit know this - that is why they took forever to cast Edward, his role is crucial - and they took the time they needed to find Robert - the perfect actor who has the necessary chemistry with Kristen to pull off this love story. Edward is more than a beautiful face and perfect in every way - we know this as readers - and Rob brought a depth necessary for Edward to be a sympathetic hero. Need I say more...?
You know, I so agree with you - yours were my thoughts exactly when I first read the question ...
I thought, "Why are we even having this discussion? What a ridiculous question!"
Then I got sucked into participating in this discussion (note above response).
On top of it all, after reading and responding to your comments - I have now responded twice!
I think I need to get over it...but I can't help it, I love Robert Pattinson! (LOL) And I will defend him to the end.
(ok -enough).

Midnight Sun said:
Why are we having this discussion?! Of course NOT he should be replaced! He's great :D I don't even know anyone else who would be better Edward ..And he's already signed for the next movies :D
Like anyone would watch the Twilight movies without him :O
who do you think should the be the next Edward Cullen????

No one because Robert is the perfect to be Edward Cullen
well i dont want him to b replaced but he is not perfect for the role and neither is kristen..but the whole cast has great chemistry.if one was out then it would feel right

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