Should Stephenie make a fifth book about Renesmee's life?

I think Steph should try to write a book about Nessie's life, that way her life won't always be a mystery. And I've always wondered if she could have children with Jacob...? Any thoughts?

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yeah and then we can see if the cullens have to move eventually and what happens about charlie and also what happens with jacob and renessmee:)
i really was hoping that she would since i finished reading the books for the first time
I don't know if she could have children with Jacob but I so want Stephenie should write another book!!!!!!
yeah i wanna know what's in the future
yes so we can see what happens 2 all of them
i am going to die if she doesnt make another there are so many questions unaswered.What happens with jacob and renesmee.What happens with the cullens?
Yh They Shud Cuzz It Sed That There WasA Possabiliy That Renesmee Cud Die Nd We Will Never No If She Did Nd I Wana No If Renesmee Nd Jacob Live Happily Ever After :( x
It sounds like Stephenie hasn't shut the door on continuing the Twi-verse, but it sounds like she won't be doing anything else Twilight related for a while. She said she wants to focus on other things that are going on in her head. So I don't know. I think with the illegal reveal of Midnight Sun she's a bit turned off by it all. Which is a shame. I'd kill to know all of Edward's thoughts if she did everything from his perspective. I could care less about Jacob, but I wouldn't mind a book based on Renesmee. As long as their plenty of Lion & Lamb in between.
first of all, yes I think Stephenie should write a lot of books about the cullens and everything... but personally I don't like jacob, but I would like to read more about Renesmee and if book about her would include him than fine otherwise I hope I'll never read about him again...and as far as Renesmee is concered, although Nessie sounds really cute, I prefer her real name, cause I know I wouldn't like to be called after monster... but before writing about future, maybe Stephenie should write about their past, vampire past, maybe even about time before carlisle, and about how they all had become vampires... after that she can always write first about bella's human family, and after they're all dead and gone, about cullens adventures... just because bella isn't attrackting any troubles anymore doesn't mean that they aren't there, right?
and after all vampires are immortal, so this story doesn't have to end, it can go on and on and never stop, even when we'll be grey and old, we could read about new adventures of eternally 17 year old Edward and his young family... ;)
now wouldn't that be nice?
She totally should.I mean there is so much left! Do Jacob and Nessie get married?Does she ever become a full vampire?and is it possible for TO become a full vampire?AGONIZING QUESTIONS STEPHANIE!!!!!!!
I just finished BD last night and I am SOOOO for Stephanie for creating another book... but not only about Jacob and Renesmee...

I want to know a bit about how everyone's perfect life shifts...

*What happens to Edward and Bella now? Do they move out of Forks with the Cullens for the sake of the town not growing suspicious...

*What happens to the Wolf Pack? Does Leah ever imprint? I find her story so sad still and I had no closure to that.

*What happens when Nessie reaches full maturity? Will Edward be on guard with his little girl knowing then that Jacob can now think of her in a more romantic/and other naughty-like ways.. haha... man I wanna know how Edward reacts when that time comes...

*How does Bella's and Renesmee's relationship go? Do they become best friends? Go to school together? haha

*Will Rosalie ever really be closer to bella in time now that she's part of the family?

*Will Jacob and Renesmee marry? What will their children be like? Human/Vampire/Wolf...
Cause THEY HAVE TO HAVE KIDS.. that's the reason Jacob imprinted... imprinting means that the gene will move on from Jacob onto his children.. so how will the kids life end up? Will they be immortal like Jacob and Renesmee?

SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS that need to be answered.. I believe Stephanie needs at least one more book to give more closure on the side stories that never got ended after Breaking Dawn... anyone agree?

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