Should there be a book about what happens next? what happens with nessie and jacob, etc. etc.?

im not sure about you all.....but im curious about little renesmee. and her relationship with the best werewolf jacob.....and what happens with everyone else...does Renee ever find out that bella's a vampire or is she going to be left in the dark forever??

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I don't think so. I'm not that sure about Breaking Dawn either...the book just feels kind of awkward to me...
yes and no there are good reasons for both
I think Stephanie left the book off to where she could write more. I know I would read it!!
I would love to see what would happen with jacob and renesmee, I hope she will make a book about it.
I think there are alot of people who want to know what happens with them.
id love it if she relesased another book! Id love to read about edward,bella and renesmee,theyre own lil family :) and id love to read about what they do as a family and stuff like what they do on christmas and i wonder what bella and edward would do for their wedding anniversary?? id like to see a bit more of edward being a father to renesmee aswell cos we dint see much of that :( IM always wondering whether renee and charlie ever find out that bellas a vampire or not ,,i really really wish stephenie would write more books:)
OMG yer....i would love to know more about little nessie and how fast she grows up and about her and jacob and OBVIOUSLY more more more about EDWARD AND BELLA :D please steph we need 1 more book :)
I would love to read more bring it.......:)
omg yes!! i have been reading diary pages from but it doesnt sound like bella at all. i just read them because i feel so empty and lonely without my vampire, werewolf friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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