So, as we all know... The Twilight saga, movie franchise will be coming to an end -- unfortunately. And I know for me, that wont be enough. I'm thinkin' Mrs. Stephenie Meyer should write something more!? Eh maybe a JacobxRenesmee story? Or as Kellan (Emmett) had so eagerly agreed too, maybe a...story about him...since he clearly didn't get to have a 'flash back'. So what are your thoughts; do you think there should be more books, and if so...what about??(:

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I would love to see more books on many of the characters.  Of course the Renesmee/Jacob story has to continue as theirs will not be an "easy" relationship.  But I'd also love to get the details on the Cullen family relationships: Alice/Jasper, Rosalie/Emmet, and Esmee/Carlisle.  More of the dramatic werewolf relationships would be great too, such as Sam/Emily, Paul/Rachel, Jared/Kim, and of course Quil/Claire.


Now that the extended “family” from Alaska, Romania, Brazil & the Amazons have been introduced, it would be very interesting to hear more about them.  Particularly the Amazons, since we now know that Renesme isn't the only human/vampire hybrid child.  I would love to find out if the Volturi maintain their “ruling” position or if they can be knocked off their thrones by the joined covens.


There are so many more stories SM could tell!  I hope she continues for a long time.

If Anne Rice could do it, then Ms. Meyer should be able to.  I'd love to see her finish Midnight Sun before she starts something else!
According to the US Copyright Office she HAS finished Midnight Sun and it's estimated to be released in 4 months (Aug 2011).  She also has a substantial amount completed (274 pages) of a book titled Forever Dawn which is about Renesmee.
Woo Hoo!!  That's good news. IT NEVER OCCURED to me to check that place for information!!!!  Good for you.  I see another searching the pages for them both!  Wonder when she had the time to do this with the production of the last two movies, etc.  She does also have a family, but I guess daddy is the house person now since mama has made so much money!!!!

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