Right, so as we all know...New Moon starts filming in Vancouver and Italy next month and there are rumours that Eclipse will be filmed soon after. There is still speculation as to whether Breaking Dawn should be a movie-the main reason bieng-The role of little Renesmee Cullen and also the amount of content to which the book contains.
Okay so we ALL want it to be filmed don't we!!?? So show the support by leaving comments and I have also created the group-Support For Breaking Dawn and would be delighted if you'd join.
This is so that if any cast/production members or even STephenie herself decide to roam around a few Twilight fan bases (: They will know how desperately we want to see Breaking Dawns on our Cinema screens in the future and will know that we have 100% support!!


Peace Out.


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Yeah you're right! BD has to go into the big screen... it's THE end... I mean they can't make out and alternative end...
I say hell yes we want to see breaking dawn. i have thought it over in my mind several times about Renesmee and my conclusion is simple.....here it is
first...2 films................MORE MONEY PPL
and secondly a couple of times I have watched movies such as 300 and Beowolf, were I couldn't figure out if the
characters were real or animated.......cmon ppl Renesmee would have to be virtual, but it is and will be so advanced especially in 2 years that we won't be able to tell and for us die-hards...we won't care if we can, we'll just be greatful....
SO PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIE, by then you will have so much money from new moon and eclipse...you just will have to make it.....plus you have a great screenwriter that can uncomplicate some scenes for you.
Yes! they just can't change it or leave it unfinished right? (pant pant)
This should be a film. I can't imagine doing all the others and not Breaking Dawn. This is my favorite book. I think that there can be a way to work around the birth of Renesmee to make it better. I think anything is possible.
You can't make the first three books into movies and not make the concluding book into a movie. It would be incomplete.
I can see how it will be difficult to put together, but heck, The Lord of the Rings must have seemed insurmountable and they did that, so why not Breaking Dawn? They're making Deathly Hallows and splitting it in two to do it. Breaking Dawn's biggest issue is a fast growing hybrid and maybe some gory birthing issues. It can be done. They'll create some ground-breaking technology and it will be this awesome phenomenon. Breaking Dawn MUST be made.
Theey have to do it. Or i might go crazy .. Littrealy
So. They have to. And they better ^.^
And hell yess to joining
I doesn't make since to make first 3 books into movies and leave that last one. No they have to make Breaking Dawn.
I have decided to close this discussion now as BD has basically been confirmed by R.Pattz at the oscars! so WOOP all you want. If you would like me to re-open the discussion anyway-don't hesitate to mail me guys-I don't bite like most vampires-I'm a nice one (:





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