Write here if you think Stephenie Meyer should write a fifth book and what it should be about.

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Delica Black!!!! i so think she should write the 5th.i wanna see what happens with jacob and ness and how edward and bella are as parents. i also want to see how the pack will react as their relationship advances..... ( i havent read breaking dawn yet so im not sure how much of this is in the fourth bk.
it should be about jacob and renesmee!!!because we don't know what happent with them!!!!ok, they are going to be together same day but how?without problems?how renesmee is going to look as an adult?so she should write the book!!!!!!!!!!
definetly!i would love to read a fifth book..yes i would like to see what happends with ness and jake but i would also like to be from bella's perspective...
i would like a new book bout their lives eg100(0)years later & i really wander if nessie will be able to have a child???!!!!and if bella will go to a uni...
i would love fo her to write a fifth book (aside from "MIDNIGHT SUN") i really wish she would i wanna no what happens with all of the cullens and all the other vampires and with the voultrie and of course renessmee and jacob........!!!!!!!!!!
I think yes,because it is very cool and interesting story!!!
i want a 5th book definitely !!!
i think she shud finish midnight sun but i think she mite ruin it if she writes anymore books like wot more can happen without spoiling it??
Kadijah Howard!!! She should definitely write a 5th book i agree it should be about jacob and nessie and it should also be about when Bella goes to college.'s all I am gonna say!!
Stephenie meyers with a fifth book will be so cool that means that the movie will last longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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