I was boredd&&thinkingg like what are thee similarities bewteen the wolf
pack&&the Cullen Clan .&&this is what i came up withh...Justt my opinion.

Carlise/Sam-Not just becuase they are the leaders of both thier Clan/Pack or familyy wtvv..they are both responible&&they both take big choices for the family and get over thier diffrences to deal with problems.

Emment/Jacob-They both Enjoy a fight,No matter how small or un-imporant or Imporant they both are also considered the funniest.

Jasper/Paul-In a way they cannot control themselves like Jasper is the new one and connot control his thirst and Paul cannot control his anger...Both strugguling.

Rose/Leah-They both HATE or better yet,detest their way of life.Of course nobody asked for that life but they hate it more then anybody and hate it more because that life took away what they both wanted more;just a full life ahed of them with a kid. Maybe leah CAN but theres a problem with the whole falling in love/imprinting thing...Rose of COUrse cannot&&becuase of that are miserable and make life harder on others..Mostly leah,though.

Bella/Seth-Since i Consider Bella as the cullen clan she dosent care who are the wolfs and the whole anti-weorwolf-And-Vampire Crap,She,and Seth, Want them to get alog. They both dont care about their diffrences.

Edward;Hes ON of a kindddd!!!!!!

Alice/Embry/Quil-Okay,i compare them three as the most suppotavie and nice-est of the clan becuase thy help out and are the supportive in the main charters,thier friends..Example Edwards the main one in the cullen Clan&&She's the perferred on Also, on Jacob, hes the main one in the pack,And Quil and Embry are the perferred ones..Im taking about the main ones,not the leaders...

And i couldn't find one for Esme&&paul..Oh, if you condsider Emily as the pack then her too...

So go ahead give me opinion on what you disagree and agree..and what you would and wouldnt add..

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