I wasn't going to listen to those punks. I'm not going to take a nap no matter what they do to me! Harry put me in my playpen and went back to doing the things Harrys do during the daytime thinking I would eventually nod off. Falsehood. I am kinda sleepy, NO STOP RIGHT THERE DON'T SAY THAT. My eyes began to droop and I started to nod off, NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SLEEP. Too late....

When I finally decided to wake up, I realized I slept through most of the day and the sun was setting. Gosh do I love sleeping, I get it from Niall's behavior probably. I didn't really see anyone in the room at the time, so I managed to pull myself up and look around. I didn't see anyone. Weird....OMG THEY LEFT WITHOUT ME NOOOOOOO!!! My eyes welled up with tears and then I just began crying right when Harry walked in the door. He ran over to where I was and he lifted me up.

"Don't cry, please," Harry pleaded. 

Right when I felt the warmth of being in his arms I immediately calmed down. He may be a punk, but I love him. He smiled brightly and set me down on the ground and left. I waited on the floor to see what in the world he was up to and he came back with a handful of cheerios. AWWWWWW YISSSS! The joys of starting to have teeth, you can actually eat some solid foods. Only on occasion does Harry give me Cheerios, but now that I have legit teeth I'm gonna be in heaven!!! I took a Cheerio from Harry and quickly shoved it in my mouth and chewed on it. Holy moly batman this tasted SOOOOO good! 

"After this Zayn's gonna give you a bath," Harry rubbed his hand through my curls.

Zayn is absolutely nuts over my curls. Whenever he holds me he either makes comments about how much he loves my curls or he's rubbing his hands through my curls constantly. So, the boys gave him the job of bath time. I smiled at Harry and took another Cheerio and he laughed.

"You have a little dimple too!!" Harry pointed at a little dent in my face that he had too. 

So? It's just a dent in your face. Nothing important. I ate at least ten Cheerios, then stopped eating them and tried to walk over to my stuffed animal giraffe. The walking stuff I guess was a one time thing because I fell a lot, so I just crawled over to it and cuddled up with it. Niall gave me the giraffe actually, he likes them too. As I threw the giraffe about Zayn walked in, and scooped me up into his arms. 

"It's bath time Hannie!" he cooed.

Hm, he didn't rub my cur-now he's stroking my curls, typical. Zayn took me into the little kitchen area they had in the hotel room that was only big enough for eating and a sink pretty much. He set me down on the counter and plugged the bottom of the sink and turned on the water.

"You are just the cutest thing!" Zayn smiled.

I know I know Zayn, I get that a lot from you. He rolled up the sleeves of his leather jacket, then undressed me. He felt the water, thought about it for a moment, then turned off the fosset. If there is not a rubber duckie I swear I will NOT be happy. Anyway, Zayn lifted me up and put me in the sink. The water was warm and toasty and felt amazing, gosh Zayn knows me well. I looked around and SCORE a rubber duck. YISSSSS! I took it quickly and it felt kinda heavy. I looked at the h*** on the bottom of the duck and I kinda squeezed the duck too hard and water splashed in my face and eyes.

"Oh no!" Zayn grabbed my towel and rubbed my eyes gently.

Fool! That didn't hurt that was awesome!!! It felt so funny!!! You don't understand!!!

Zayn began dripping water in my hair until it was soaked, then he put some goo in his hands and rubbed it in my curls. A bunch of bubbles began to surface and soon my hair was a bubbly mess. Zayn laughed and pulled out his phone and took a picture. Great. He put his phone away then washed the suds out of my hair. I guess it was also part of that other stuff you put in that doesn't make the bubbles because when he finished washing the bubbles from my hair and picked me up and lay me on my towel.he wrapped it around me and pulled the little hood over my head making me look like a cat. That's when I realized that when you feel warm in a bath, it's always cold outside the bath, and I began to shiver. Just my luck. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN. 

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Love it!!<3

Hey guys. Miss me? :) 


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Hey guys. Miss me? :) 

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